Art-O-Matic @ the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery


Claire Brunet, Future Retrieval, Guillaume Lachapelle,        Neri Oxman, and Susan Shantz 
At the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
Opening Reception: 
Sunday, October 28 from 1 to 5 pm
Welcome and Remarks: 1:30 pm
Artist Remarks: 
Susan Shantz at 2:30 pm
Claire Brunet at 3:00 pm
Guillaume Lachapelle at 3:30 pm
This exhibition explores object scanning, computer-generated form
manipulation and 3-D printing, all of which embody Rapid Prototyping
technology. While some artists switch back and forth between analogue
and digital tools, others work exclusively in digital formats. Coming
from both Canada and the USA, the artists in this exhibition are at the
forefront of creating new forms and inventing a new relationship to art
and art-making.
Don’t Miss It. A MakerBot Replicator will print 3-D objects right before your eyes.