Objective Clay online shop goes live this thursday!

“Objective Clay was founded by fourteen artists with a
shared vision to create an artist established and maintained online
space.  This space functions as a gallery to view our latest work as
well as a window into our current thoughts in process. By sharing our
ideas and opening our studios, we invite artists, non-artists,
educators, and students to actively engage in our artistic practices. In
this virtual studio, the people who love pots can view/purchase new
work and form direct relationships with the artists who make them.”

emily schroeder willis, gwendolyn yoppolo, jennifer allen, nicholas bivins, blair clemo, sunshine cobb, brian hopkins, brian r. jones,  lindsay oesterritter, kip o’krongly, doug peltzman, monica ripley, deborah schwartzkopf, shawn spangler


2012 Workshops at the Bray

Registration starts on January 11th.

Throwing, Altering, Assembling for Use
and Innovation

Instructor: Walter Keeler
March 16–17

Become a
Master of Plaster

Instructor: Nicholas Bivins
June 1–3

Mash and Mingle: Exploring the Decorative Impulse

Instructors: Matt Metz &
Liz Quackenbush
June 11–22

New Forms to Finish:
Soda Firing

Instructors: Matt Long &
Brad Schwieger
July 9–13

Cut and Construct

Instructor: Christa Assad
August 24–26

The Psychologically Charged Figure

Instructor: Christina West
September 21–23

Pottery as Site:
the Decorated Object

Instructor: Andrea Gill
October 19–20


Registration Information
Walter Keeler
Nicholas Bivins
Matt Metz & Liz Quackenbush
Matt Long & Brad Schwieger
Christa Assad
Christina West
Andrea Gill

For more information contact:
The Archie Bray Foundation
2915 Country Club Ave.
Helena, MT 59602
phone: 406/443-3502
e-mail: archiebray@archiebray.org

or visit their website.