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Molly Hatch and Ben Carter for THINK BIG 2: Mastering the Marketplace, a six
week interview series designed to propel your ceramic career to the next
Featuring interviews with successful artists, gallerists and editors.

This six-week series covers a wide range of
topics from wholesale vs. retail sales, gallery do’s and don’ts,
publishing articles to increase your audience, and generating sales from
social media. In today’s art market, artists have to be more than just
makers. We are makers, marketers, sales people, web designers, and so
much more. We designed the course to help you build the skills you need
to expand your creative business, learn tricks of the trade, and think
beyond the traditional methods of reaching your market. Sign up today
and take the next step towards a successful business.

Sign up before February 4th and receive the early bird discount of $99. After February 4th the course is just $149. Click here to sign up now – Buy Now

How does the E-course work?

Each week we will send you a link to a video interview with a new guest
around a themed topic. The go-at-your-own pace of  the series allows you
to listen to the interviews when ever you have the time. We encourage
participants to discuss the videos each week with a prompted discussion
group online, where you can connect with other members of the series and
have a community discussion about the topics that come up for you
each week. Molly and I will be watching the group discussions
and joining in. In addition to the video interviews and discussions each
week, we will include downloadable bonus material in the form of a
series of worksheets. The worksheets are for you to keep and work
through at your own pace. By the end of the six weeks, you will have new
inspiration for expanding your creative business and a clear direction
for moving forward–on to BIG THINGS!

Justin Rothshank on generating sales through social media
Naomi Cleary  on do’s and don’ts for dealing with galleries
Jessica Knapp on working with the press
Keith Kreeger on working with restaurants as clients
Nicole Aquillano on selling wholesale vs. retail
Lindsay Osteritter on Objective Clay and the online cooperative gallery

About the participants

Justin Rothshank- Studio artist based in Goshen, IN. For more information visit

Naomi Cleary- Studio artist and gallery manager (The Clay Studio) based in Philadelphia, PA. For more information visit

Jessica Knapp- Studio artist and editor of Ceramics Monthly in Columbus, OH. For more information visit

Keith Kreeger- Studio artist based in Austin, TX. For more information visit

Nicole Aquillano- Studio artist based in Boston, MA. For more information visit

Lindsay Osteritter- For more information visit

Sign up before February 4th and receive the early bird discount of $99. After February 4th the course is just $149. Buy Now

About the hosts:

To find out more about your hosts for THINK BIG 2 please visit our websites.

Upcoming at AKAR

Next Show:
Silvie Granatelli & David Crane

Friday is the opening of Virginia potters Silvie Granatelli and David
Crane’s show. Both are part of “16 Hands”, a group of eight artists
living in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Virginia. Even
though they come from the same community, their work is very different,
even down to the basics. Silvie’s work is gas fired porcelain, while
David’s pieces are salt fired stoneware. Yet their ceramic work
compliments each other side by side in our gallery and would look just
as great in your home.

Next Featured Artist:
David Eichelberger
Eichelberger, former student of both David Crane and Silvie Granatelli
at Virginia Polytechnic and State University, is the Featured Artist
this month. David currently resides in Nebraska where he received his
MFA and now creates his functional pottery. David uses visual rhythms
and exaggerated proportions to create work that is intended to make the
viewer pause. One of his goals is to quietly challenge our preconceived
notions and expectations.

Next New Work:
Nicole Aquillano

Work artist for March is Nicole Aquillano. Nicole showed here at AKAR
for the first time in 2012 and we couldn’t wait to get more work from
her. She recently graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design with
an MFA in Ceramics and now lives and works in Boston. Nicole is
influenced by her longing of home which is evident in her porcelain
pieces. Each piece is intended for the table and has intricate black
slip inlay images of familiar architectural structures.

Silvie Granatelli and David Crane’s show opens on Friday,
March 29th, at 9:30 AM in the Iowa City gallery and online at 10:00 AM
CST. View the show at

April Upcoming Show:
2013 Yunomi Invitational
that time of year again! April 19th is our 7th Annual Yunomi
Invitational! As always, each of our 200 artists sent 5 yunomi each.
What exactly is a yunomi you might ask? Pronounced “you know me” is a
teabowl without a handle, slightly taller than wide, and with a trimmed
foot. Even with these requirements, it’s amazing the variety of cups
that are sent out way. Because of the massive size of this show, it is
ONLINE ONLY, opening at 10:00 AM CST on April 19th. Like us on Facebook
“sneak peeks” of the show!
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