Monday Morning eye candy – Nika Stupica

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In her words:
“I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 22nd of march, 1975. I discovered love for ceramics early in my childhood, as I was digging clay from a stream nearby, making animal figures and then firing them in our heating kiln. Unsuccessfully, of course. I was 7 years old. Then later, after some courses in primary school, drawing in secondary school, real ceramic study started with experimenting in ceramic studio on Academy of educational art in Ljubljana , where finally I graduated from ceramics. Now, I am working mainly with porcelain and stoneware. I make my own plaster moulds and I am slip casting. In my studio in Ljubljana you can find fine porcelain for everyday use, porcelain installations from numerous exhibitions, both Slovene and international, and also beloved jewellery, also made of porcelain and silver. My love for porcelain is because of its whiteness, translucency and seeming fragility, sometimes it does not need any colour or even glaze. Because ceramics is sum of different fields, such as art, design, physics, chemistry and technology, is so complex I can never stop learning about new techniques and materials. We can never say that we are at the end of ceramics.”
Find out more about Nika’s gorgeous work here.