emerging artist: Nina Kawar


Within my studio
practice I am exploring the self and mechanisms we use to protect ourselves. My
research of defense mechanisms and self-presentations within psychology has led
me to examine human emotional responses and how they work within social-interactions.
I am investigating the unique layers of our identity and how we project
fragments of the self to others through behavior or impulses. One way I have
chosen to execute this concept is through a barrier or shield. The forms allow
the viewer to experience multiple perspectives that are present in human
relations when instinctive behavior patterns come in to play. This continues to
address my interest in humanโ€™s need for order and control because the ego is
trying to organize behavior within social environments.  
The delicate
nature of the ceramic forms highlights the sometimes-fragile fragments of our
ego. Some elements imply a softness or approachability while others suggest
precaution. Repetition of these forms is also signifying habitual patterns and
reoccurrences in our everyday experiences.
In addition to
psychology, architecture has been a significant influence in my work. Both
mashrabiyyas and muqarnas have been pertinent in my understanding of decorative
motifs and their functions within architecture. I believe there is a strong
interest in these structures because I have associated them to the body and I
continuing to contemplate how they can function as a psychological state. 
– Nina Kawar