Funded by Canada Council for the Arts, Dear Human’s “Patchworked In Canada” is
a two stage project: First, as a mural made from 1200 reworked vintage
Portuguese tiles, exhibited this month at the Toronto Design Offsite Festival’s
hub. Then it takes to the streets as an interactive urban art project. Throughout
select areas of Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, the tiles will be tagged as
individual installations, to be found and taken home by lucky and observant
Dear Human <> is the creative studio of ceramic, architect, sculpture, design duo Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell. 
flower growing in a crack of the concrete. This project is like that;
finding unanticipated beauty in the urban landscape, inviting a moment
of pause and response. The search for these small offerings is an open invitation to explore and play. 
Press Releases in French and English:
High Res Images: Email
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Hosted at the hub of Toronto Design
Offsite Festival at:
Bosley Real
Estate Ltd.
1108 Queen
Street West
M6J 1H9
January 20th
to the 26th
Hours of
Operation: Mon-Fri: 3-7pm, Sat: 12-7pm, Sun: 12-5pm
Toronto: Queen West area, January 27th-28th
Montreal: Le Plateau – Laurier area,
January 30th-31st 
Vancouver: Mount Pleasant – Main Street
area, February 7th-8th

three sweet works by dear human

Now this has to be one of my favorite ideas in a long time. A perfect holiday gift too…
Dear Human is creating one of a kind custom cups for you. It’s an interesting twist where in you collaborate with them on the creation of the cup. Read on what they are proposing:

Dear Human: “In the past year we made some major changes in our art practice,
moving studios and switching work from a primarily ceramic-object based practice to project based work, not focusing on a specific
material but using the most appropriate one in the given moment.

All that said, with such projects (especially funded ones) not so
easy to come by, while applying for some and working on self-directed others, we decided to do the Three Sweet Words project to help the
transition. With a limited edition of 300 cups, it is a bit like a mini-commission and a self-made kickstarter in one!

What we need are you, who like our work and like to drink from hand
made cups! Just give us three words, and we will use them in the custom designs as words, images and colour combinations. If this sounds
interesting, we would love to hear from you! Email, Facebook or come by and give us those Three Sweet Words.

If you would rather find yourself a completed one, we will have an edition of cups in our studio and on the website soon.

Each cup is unique and costs $50 plus tax or shipping when applicable.
Participants will need to give us three words, $10 deposit and allow 2-3 weeks for completion. We will ship them close and far.

Don’t delay, sign up today! Ceramic worshops with Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell

The amazing artists Jasna Sokolovic and Noel O’Connell aka These Gray Days will be hosting some upcoming masters’ ceramic workshops that you won’t want to miss.

“We are pleased to announce that we are now beginning to hold masters’ workshops at our studio on Granville Island. Our intention is to offer intensive hands-on instruction, focusing on building skill sets with concrete objectives. They are designed to move students through a rapid progression of understanding in the medium. No previous experience is necessary for introductory courses, but students with experience are welcome. For more advanced courses, we ask that students take the introductory courses first or demonstrate their level of experience. The courses will be offered once per week and in four-week segments (although this may vary from one course to another).

Our first courses will begin Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012. Each class will be from 7pm to 10pm once per week on its given day. Space is limited (4 to 5 per class) and classes are filling up fast, so contact us right away to secure your spot.”

For a full details please visit These Gray Days.
1375 Railspur Alley
Granville Island
Vancouver, BC V6H4G9