Happy New Year!!!

Another year gone already? Well for me that one went particularly quick. We started off 2012 with a lovely new addition to our family. From there things get a bit blurry (lack of sleep and all), but i do know that the year was filled with lots of wonderous things. New developments in my functional work, an award nomination, and of course some fun stuff around this here blog.

I want to take a minute to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all of your support in the past. Every year the readership of this blog grows and it continues thanks to those of you that support the community through the sharing of your work, exhibitions, events and opportunities. Thank you to all of the artists who let me share their beautiful work. It has been incredibly inspiring.

In November I asked you all to fill out a survey for me about your thoughts on musing and what it offered, how it could be improved and how it could grow to better serve the community. I am intending on writing a full post sharing with you all the results of this survey in detail so that you can understand my motivations and the changes that I hope to make over the next year. My ambitious self thought that i’d have a bunch of the changes set and ready to go for the beginning of the New Year, but hmmm errr, well I took a break over the holidays instead : ) But seriously these will be changes that will take a while to implement and some of these changes will require some participation on the part of you the reader. Don’t worry, it’ll be great I promise.

And speaking of great I want to introduce something I’m really excited about. A sparkly new addition to the blog…. the  musing about mud gallery

I’ve been struggling to find the best format to host a gallery site and for now I’ll be using tumbler to see if this is a platform that can work. My intention with this gallery site is that it will be comprised of reader submitted images. There may be times that i will toss in some of my own work or something i’ve run across i just have to share. But I would love to see the readership of this blog use this platform as a means to showcase their own work, to build community, exposure, education and interest in the ceramic arts.

I’ve already had a few wonderful artists submit images to get the site started. Please stop by for a visit, come back often for new eye candy and most importantly please get involved! Submit images, comment on others work, encourage others to participate. This will be a non juried site. I hope to see posts from students, emerging artists, part-timers, long time professionals, artists, educators, gallery owners, everyone – so long as its some how clay related. The more we all put into it the better it can be.

Okay that’s enough from me for now. More to come very soon.
Till then have a wonderful New Year. May it be filled with love, happiness, health, creativity and peace.

From my family to you, all the best.