Introducing: The Clayer: Part Two: Surface Patterns & Molds, e-course!

 The Clayer: Surface Patterns & Molds
a 6-week e-course with Diana Fayt
Registration: $169 
January 27 – March 10, 2014
(registration ends Feburary 15th)
The Clayer, Part Two: Surface Patterns
& Molds will be an a new take on surface and form. Part two will
focus less on drawing and more on creating patterns and rich textures on
our clay surfaces and making exciting pieces using the techniques you
learn in the ecourse. Together we will make simple plaster molds, carve
intricate patterns into clay to create bisque press molds that we will
use to give us deliciously textured surfaces. We will cut paper into
shapes and learn how to create multiple colored stencil patterns. Diana
will also teach a water abrasion technique for more precise relief work
and, also, how to combine all of these techniques together, to create
pattern rich dynamic pieces, that celebrate your personal style and
voice.  Throughout the e-course, Diana will also include weekly
inspiration days where she shares interesting things
she discovers, to keep your brains humming with ideas and your creative
juices flowing. She’s also been known to throw in a recipe or two, of
something she’s been cooking, share some music she is listening to and
talk about her own journey as a Clayer, as well. The ecourse setting
will be a warm and safe, no pressure, work at your own pace,
environment, where we share what we make and learn with other
participants and positive feedback is encouraged. It’s so much fun, you
will learn so much and meet other Clayers from around the world.  Are
you a ready for Part Two, Clayers?  
Find out all you need to know and sign up here: