National Clay Week starts OCT 9th!!!

Here’s a quick last minute rundown:

Monday: Using Handmade with The Crafted Dish

  • Purchase a copy of The Crafted Dish.

  • Follow @Thecrafteddish and @nationalclayweek on Instagram

  • Join in the fun by sharing your own recipes and images on your instagram feed using #thecrafteddish #NCW2017 and tagging @thecrafteddish for the opportunity to be showcased during the Monday of NCW. While the publication was limited to #canadianceramics – this call for online participation is open to everyone! Celebrate your culture, your art, and your food through sharing recipes and stories of how handmade craft and homemade food go hand in hand.

Tuesday: Clay Conversations with Artaxis

Artaxis is hosting 24 conversations by our members streaming live from 16 countries over 12 hours on our Artaxis Facebook page. Each artist will spend 30 minutes answering questions submitted via the form on this page. The event begins at 10:00 am Eastern Standard Time on October 10th, 2017.

Wednesday: Collaborations with Clementine Porcelain and Manchester Crafts Guild Youth and Arts Program

  • Visit for a how-to guide on how to plan your own Plate Project and plan one for the near future.

  • Or if you are feeling ambitious- get in touch with Clementine Porcelain now and they will help you organize an event to coincide with their live stream on Oct. 11th.  Let’s make it the biggest Plate Project workshop yet!

  • Participate in the live auction hosted by Clementine Porcelain, The auction of plates is to raise money for the National BackPack program. Including a plate from Jeff Bridges!!

  • Visit MCG’s live stream instagram 4-5pm EST to view and participate in their class collaboration –

Thursday: Nuts and Bolts with The Pottery Workshop

  • LIVE Simultaneous Roundtable discussion and demonstration with live Q&A starting at 9pm with: Dryden Wells, Luca Li, Huang Fei, Rain Harris, Birdie Boone, Ekrem Yazici, and more!

  • Every three hours, starting at 9am EST, we will release a new youtube video that highlights The Pottery Workshop in China and their surrounding area. Videos will explore Historic Jingdezhen, Artists Interviews, The Pottery Workshop, and many other topics!

  • Post your own photos of your time at The Pottery Workshop on Instagram – #thepotteryworkshop #NCW2017

Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Open Studios with YOU!

  • Visit a studio who is hosting an Open Studio and bring students, family and or  friends. Support your local community just by being there. Our website has a map and links of studios in your area. Find one and mark your calendar. We hope to see you there! 

  • Post photos of studios you visit and #NCWOS #openstudio #NCW2017 and we will repost on our feed.

Have you signed up for Open Studios yet?

Join us for a national ceramic outreach project!

National Clay Week Open Studio (NCWOS) is a nationwide event that celebrates clay, community and creativity. Join us on the weekend of October 13 – 15, 2017 for a celebration of clay in all 50 states! Studios all over the country will open their doors for demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions.

— Save the dates and your dollars so you can take home a new favorite piece!

Find out more:

get involved – National Clay Week Open Studios

Join us for a national ceramic outreach project!

NCW Open Studios is inspired by a similar event started by the Australian Ceramics Association. It has been very successful across the continent, continuing to grow each year. The ACOS (Australian Ceramics Open Studios) provides the umbrella of a national event for studios, reaching out to local and national politicians to make them aware of who their ceramic artists are, and inviting their politicians, their neighbors, and their communities, into their studios to learn more, view demonstrations, and perhaps take home a handmade item. ACOS provides letter and press release templates and a logo each year, a central website and most powerfully a common date, creating unity among the ceramic community.

National Clay Week Open Studios seeks to echo this model. You can sign up here on the NCW website, and we will send you a packet containing sample press releases, letters to send to local politicians, local schools, chambers of commerce. You can personalize these letters to your own open studio event and get your community involved. NCW encourages you to host any clay-related event you’d like on the second weekend in October to get people excited about clay. Let’s make this accessible, a national event to open our studios, whether in your home or in an art center, and invite those in who may not otherwise realize the intrinsic value of ceramics. 

For more on NCW Open Studios, check out the most recent episode of Ben Carter’s Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast #181 with Vicki Grima of ACOS and Stephen Creech of NCW

Join the NCW Open Studio Event here!

via: What is Open Studios