emerging artist: Kaitlyn McGill

Kaitly is a recent graduate from
the Alberta College of Art & Design who is currently
Artist in Residence at the London Clay Art Centre in London,
Ontario. She makes lovely functional pottery, but is also am a paper cut artist and is investigating a collaboration between the two mediums.


Artist Statement

There is something quite remarkable about children and stories. I think its
because the imagination of a child has no boundaries – it is tremendously limitless.
Children live in a wonderful world of make believe and for a short fleeting time cherish
childhood characters bound in books as their closest companions. For some of
us, as we age and grow these friends are slowly packed away in boxes, placed on shelves; the memories of them slowly disappearing just as the colourful pages
in which they live too begin to fade with time. I suppose I am not like most, for
the days lived in the pages of my favourite books are still as bright and clear as they
were in my young wanderings. For me, the characters of my childhood are not limited to these young fables; they exist within the birch trees in my parent’s back yard
and the fine chipped china in my grandmother’s kitchen cabinet.  To me, these are all representations of humble narratives. Whether it be made with paper or
porcelain, my artistic practice explores the glorious relationship between objects and


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