A weekend away.

nice wood stack for the kiln

It’s been quiet around here for a few days I realize. Forgive me I took a break and went out to recharge my batteries. Not the computer ones, but the ones for my soul.

Matt taking a technology break

Peter attaching handles

The last few days I had the amazing opportunity to attend a workshop with Matt Long, Peter M. Brondz, and Robin Dupont. Organized by the most generous of potters, Martin Tagseth, the last few days consisted of a small intimate group of us taking over Martin’s studio and sharing studio tales, experiences and knowledge.

Some of Matt’s thrown cups

Robin altering a beer tumbler

For me it was a reminder that I’ve been in the studio alot lately, nose to the grindstone. I should have let up and had a break after my show went up at the Mendel, but instead I’ve gone straight into production for 4 upcoming market sales. Perspective was offered up to me this weekend. A reminder to live in the moment; the wealth and value of a life lived following your heart; and the necessity of amazing friends that understand you on a variety of levels. Old friendships were re-established, new ones formed, debates and conversations around the kiln fire offering the usual late night insight that one misses when alone in their isolated studio.

Robin and Matt finishing up some gorgeous teapots

My desire to one day return to throwing (someday….fingers crossed) was definitely re-kindled by the immensely talented artists, inspiration and insight into how others forge the path of a life in clay gave new perspectives and faith in my personal choices. And a late evening walk in the surrounding prairies invigorated my love of this land where I was born and raised.

sunset over the farm yard.

I’ve returned to the city, a little changed, a lot the same, in need of a good sleep, but most importantly immensely thankful to everyone that made this weekend happen.

Cheers to Martin, Mark, Peter, Robin and everyone!

A special treat for me was to see a cup of mine that i’d traded with Martin was getting some good use. Always nice.