Masterclass “Lithophane”

Leading Latvian and worldwide well known award winning porcelain and
ceramics artists Ilona Romule and Peteris Martinsons invite artists to
spend the summer together in Latvia, Zvartava manor.

During 21 – 31 July, 2013 in Zvartava manor will be held Masterclass
“Lithophane” – a practice based workshop in lithophane technique by
Ilona Romule for participants with figurative and narrative ideas.

„Lithophane” Masterclass will be followed by a Symposium “Masculine
and feminine ceramics” which will take place from 2 – 12 August, 2013.
The symposium will be led in tandem by Ilona Romule and Peteris

Three money prizes have been established for the best works created
during the Symposium “Masculine and feminine ceramics”. Symposium
masters – Ilona Romule and Peteris Martinsons – together with each
Symposium participant will select one of the created artworks to be
dedicated for the symposium exhibition and afterwards to be left at
disposal of Symposium organizers.

From all selected artworks for the exhibition, Symposium masters will
take the decision on 3 best works to be awarded with following money
prizes – 250 EUR for the 1st place, 200 EUR for the 2nd place and 150
EUR for the 3rd best artwork.

For participation fees and application procedure, please see the official website

You are also welcome to follow the updates on their Facebook page.

Linda Rasenbauma