Saturday 12 October 10am-3pm
Cost $99
Northcote Pottery Supplies
ceramicist Phil Elson creates fine hand thrown porcelain tableware,
large bowls, teapots and installation pieces. His skill with porcelain
and high fired reduction glazes is renowned. In this masterclass Elson
will demonstrate his philosophy and approach to glazing. You will
develop an understanding of glazes that are used in the cone 9-10 firing
range (approx 1280 to 1300 degrees) fired under a reducing atmosphere.
The workshop will explore topics such as; what constitutes a glaze, the
safe handling of glaze materials and the levels of toxicity in glaze
materials. You will also develop an understanding of Brogniart’s
formula, the making of a number of glazes from a single base glaze and
the process of line blending. Elson will also demonstrate the
application of glaze to bisque ware. This masterclass is a unique
opportunity to gain valuable practical skills in glaze development and
application from a leader in the field. Ideally suited for those with
some experience with clay and glaze.
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