technical tuesday: if you hate dipping tongs…

I saw this on pinterest the other day. Below is the description that came with the image. (sorry no source) Any one try this? I’ve never personally had an issue with the dipping tongs but some might.

The mesh holds a bit of glaze and when you release after dipping, it runs to the spots that were dry and seals the surface. I’ve always HATED dipping tongs and the bite marks they leave behind.

monday morning eye candy: historical ceramics via pinterest

Plum Blossom Vase (maebyeong) with Painted Decoration – Korean, Goryeo dynasty, early 13th century. Celadon glazed stoneware.



Song dynasty (960–1279) china


Bowl | Origin: Iran | Period: late 13th century Il-Khanid period |
Details: Not Available | Type: Stone-paste painted under glaze | Size:
H: 8.3 W: 17.7 cm | Museum Code: F1909.316 | Photograph and description
taken from Freer and the Sackler (Smithsonian) Museums.


Vase with Waves China (Southern Song or Yuan Dynasty) The Cleveland Museum of Art

All images via Pinterest thanks to JoAnn Axford and her wonderful ceramic boards which you can follow here or take a visit of her work at