The Potter’s Cast: Another chance to hear me ramble….

Recently I was contacted by Paul Blais who is starting a new podcast for potters. My first thought of course was yeah more stuff to listen to in the studio. Then he asked me to be one of the first three interviewees and I got nervous. I love podcasts, but being on them is, well, a bit frightening. I always second guess everything I say and hope that there is at least one trinket of wisdom I can impart.

Paul made it easy. He’s super fun to chat with and the podcast ended up being really relaxed like a cup of coffee between friends, as it should be.

I hope you can find some time to have a listen, either to my podcast or to the others that Paul has and will be producing. So exciting to add another podcast to the mix just for ceramics! Maybe our own reality tv show isn’t that far off after all : )

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Oh and stay tuned for next week as Musing About Mud will be launching a new bi-weekly special guest post all about podcasts! It’s gonna be super exciting…..