Ceramic Art Auction for QLD flood relief appeal now live on Ebay!

Recently the amazing sweet and generous (and equally talented) Vipoo Srivilasa contacted me about an auction he was putting together for the QLD government flood relief. I was incredibly honored to be approached to participate as Australia will always be near and dear to my heart and many of my close friends live there, some in the affected areas of the flood.

Here’s a bit from his website: Prominent Melbourne ceramicist Vipoo Srivilasa was distressed by the unfolding tragedy, and has organised an auction featuring the donated works of well known and award-winning artists to raise funds for The Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal (www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html).

Srivilasa’s call-out for his friends and colleagues to donate has exceeded his expectations, and he is currently fielding expressions of support from as far away as North America. “The response has been overwhelming! I was planning for maybe twenty artists to join me but I reached forty in no time. It’s turning into a much bigger project than I expected”, he admits.

The auction will happen online at ebay.com.au from Friday 4th to Sunday 6th February, 2011.

It is now live at http://shop.ebay.com.au/srivilasa/m.html

Each Item is listed to finish 2 minutes apart, with the first item to finish on Sunday 6 Feb at 8.00pm, and the last one to finish at 9.30pm.

The idea is if you miss the first piece, you can still bid on the second or third piece and so on. To be able to make a bid you need an eBay account (www.ebay.com.au ). You can register for free.

Please follow the link for more details: http://help.ebay.com.au/Help/Getting_Started/Manage_your_account/Registration

or go straight to registration page: https://scgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?RegisterEnterInfo&siteid=15&co_partnerid=2&usage=0&ru=default&rafId=0&encRafId=default

There are some pretty amazing artists donating work (42 pieces I believe), as well as little old me, so please go and check it out, bid on some amazing work, and please forward the links as far an wide as possible.

Here’s the full list of artists:

Akio Takamori (USA)
Angela Valmanesh (SA)
Avital Sheffer (NSW)
Ayumi Horie (USA)
Bridget Bodenham (VIC)
Carole Epp (CAN)
Christopher Plumridge (VIC)
Cyrus Tang (VIC)
Dawn Whitehand (VIC)
Fleur Schell (WA)
Gerry Wedd (SA)
Greg Daly (NSW)
Heather Creet (TAS)
Irianna Kanellopoulou (VIC)
Jacqueline Clayton (NSW)
Jane Sawyer (VIC)
Janet DeBoos (ACT)
Janet Mansfield (NSW)
Julie Bartholomew (NSW)
Kenji Uranishi (QLD)
Kevin White (VIC)
Laura McKibbon (CAN)
Lene Kuhl Jakobsen (VIC)
Louise Boscacci (NSW)
Lynda Draper (NSW)
Marilu Guzman
Naoko Yehenara (NSW)
Paul Aburrow (VIC)
Paul Davis (VIC)
Penny Smith (TAS)
Sandra Black (WA)
Sandra Black (WA)
Shannon Garson (QLD)
Shin Koyama (QLD)
Simon Braund (VIC)
Somchai Charoen (NSW)
Sony Manning (VIC)
Sophie Milne (VIC)
Tanawat Suttasoontorn (VIC)
Tatiana Gvozdetskia (VIC)
Vicki Grima (NSW)
Vipoo Srivilasa (VIC)