call for entry (URGENT DEADLINE – Sorry): The 7th Annual International Texas Teapot Tournament

Application deadline: December 1, 2013
Entry Fee: $45 for 2 entries
Location: Texas, Houston
Show Title: The 7th Annual International Texas Teapot Tournament
Show Date: January 11, 2014-November 26, 2014
Open to: all original work, representing teapots, either functional or
sculptural and completed within the last 2 years. Open to all artists
who work in clay. Each piece must be at least 60% fired clay, weigh no
more than 25 lbs. and be no larger than 24 inches in any direction. The
$45 CAMEO membership/entry fee entitles each artist to submit a maximum
of two teapots. Wall work is allowed. Overseas entries are encouraged.
Classification: international exhibitions
Slide / Digital: actual work
Contact details:
18 Hands Gallery
249 W. 19th St.
Phone: 713-869-3099