Yours truly on the radio

This morning I woke up and prepared myself for something that I like to think of as my closest call with rockstardom. I was being interviewed on CFCR, our local independent radio, on a show called The A Word, which is produced by artist/critic/academic Bart Gazzola. So much fun to head out to the radio station with all the butterflies in my stomach and attempts at sounding intelligent floating around in my mind. It’s always so difficult to sum up your work in to quick snippets, one liners. Especially when it’s a body of work you’ve been developing for 6 years. Well I did my best to try to do a bit of justice to the exhibition and hopefully more people will go check it out in person.

If you’ve got some time please grab a beer or a cup of coffee and have a listen.

zSHARE – AWord.may.18.11.mp3