call for entry: 2017 NCECA Annual Exhibition: The Evocative Garden

THEME: The Evocative Garden

DEADLINE: Wednesday, JUNE 15, 2016 (11:59pm Mountain time)

The Evocative Garden FULL prospectus(pdf)

If you encounter problems and require technical assistance with submission contact

Disjecta Contemporary Art Center
8371 N Interstate Avenue
Portland, OR 97217

March 4- April 1, 2017

JUROR/ CURATOR: Gail M. Brown, curator will select works for the
exhibition in coordination with NCECA Exhibitions Director Leigh Taylor

In 2017 NCECA launches a new annual exhibition platform that will
replace the Biennial and Invitational, which have been produced in
alternating years since 2010. The refreshed NCECA Annual exhibition
format is being developed in response to feedback from members. The
new model seeks to blend impactful attributes of each of the previous
models while also cultivating opportunity for curatorial practice in
regard to ceramic art.

NCECA’s aspiration is to evolve the exhibition model in a manner that
will enable exceptional work to be represented in a way that celebrates
concerns of materiality and conceptual rigor. One outcome that NCECA
will remain committed to will be that comparatively under-exposed
artists will have an opportunity to present their work with that of
established and important emerging creators in the field.

The NCECA Annual will enable the vision of a single curator to frame
an organizing concept and to support the exhibition’s foundational ideas
through the inclusion of works by up to five invited artists making
important contributions to the field. The remainder of the exhibition
will be selected through an open submission, blind review and selection
process. The single curator model will provide an annually recurring
opportunity for a particular point of view on the field to emerge as the
result of a unique, informed, and thoughtful vision.

The National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts is pleased to
announce that in 2017, esteemed curator of contemporary craft Gail M. Brown
will launch this new series with The Evocative Garden, an international
juried and invitational exhibition exploring natural and cultivated
worlds. Invited artists include Megan Bogonovich, Jess Riva Cooper, Kim Dickey, Linda Sormin and Dirk Staschke.

A breadth of implied and articulated dramas will be staged as a
personally defined natural landscape or more formalized garden scenario.
In works of ceramic sculpture, installation, object and vessel format,
each participant will offer a new or recent work- some potent
objects-as-metaphors, with sub-text and, others as choreographed scenes
with figuration or the figure/s implied in a verdant location, in
vocabularies from nuanced realism to personal symbolism. Each will be
designed to reference an array of issues- nature’s fragility and
sustainability, the wild and the tame, life’s appetites and dilemmas,
conflict and resolution, the everlasting and the temporal- social and
historic events, of the natural world and the human condition.
Artists remind us that nature and the articulated garden, as context,
stimulation and tactile allure, is a seductive, universal, ever present

~Gail M. Brown, Curator

Portland identifies itself as The City of Roses. It abounds with lush
public and private gardens and the climate to nurture them. For The
Evocative Garden, the curator seeks submissions that visually define a
garden allusion, as subject, context or setting, according to their own
narrative and ceramic vocabulary.