movie day: Virtual Clay @ NCECA

Yeah! NCECA released the video of the first part of our Virtual Clay presentation at NCECA. Check out our introductions on you tube and then head over to The Tales of the Red Clay Rambler for a special podcast of the question and answer portion of our panel.

I hope you enjoy it. It was a blast to work with the amazing creative and professional minds of Adam Field, Ben Carter and Michael Kline. Ben did a great little write up over on his blog so head on over and check it out please. Would love to hear your thoughts on the panel.

#virtualclay – join us in the conversation

This is a chance for you to get involved in an NCECA panel whether
you’ll be in Milwaukee or not. Virtual Realities, Material World is a
panel addressing the role of social media in the professional lives of
four ceramic artists. This March join Michael Kline, Ben Carter, Adam Field and Carole Epp in person or through social media in the
conversation. Use #virtualclay on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to pose questions, share ideas, build
community. We will be collecting your questions from now until Friday
March 21st. 

Thanks for adding your voice.