“As I create each vessel on the wheel I am constantly thinking about composition. As one spends time with each piece the structure is built up and broken down, embodying both stable and dynamic compositions.

Rhythm is created through relationships between silhouette and surface, proportion and volume. My work draws from a range of sources. Bauhaus pots both distinguish each element while assimilating all parts into a whole. The framing and patterning found in the surface of Native American Pottery juxtaposes symmetry with asymmetry and repetition with variety, to emphasis the contour of each form and lead the eye to all sides of a vessel. My imagery comes from nature and objects that have meaning to me, adding detail to the composition. I look to architectural forms, arches, stone bridges, columns, lamp stands and domes for proportional contrasts, line weight and quality, and stacking of volume.

As I work through these almost purely formal ideas, the vessels take on their own character. Both form and figure, the pieces become approachable and personal.” – Dehmie