call for artists: Manifest

The Australian Ceramics Association
Members Exhibition

Tasmania 2019

Curator: Damon Moon


adj: clearly revealed to the mind or the senses
v: to appear or make apparent
n: a list of contents of goods in transit – from Latin manifestare
‘to discover, disclose’ or manifestus ‘caught in the act’.

At a time when there is a great resurgence of interest in Australian ceramics, the diversity
of practice is stretching traditional interpretations of what it is to be a maker.

To paraphrase the great Mexican writer Octavio Paz, contemporary Australian ceramics
does indeed transgress ‘the cult of utility and the religion of art’ and it is in the breadth
and ambition of its cultural and aesthetic reach that ceramics is finding new audiences
and a new way forward.

The Australian Ceramics Association Members Exhibition in Hobart will present
an overview of practice that showcases diversity and creates a space for dialogue.

Makers working across all styles are invited to submit proposals for MANIFEST.
Proposals should include a one-page CV, an outline of intended work
(no more than 200 words) and six images of recent work.

Deadline for proposals: 1 May 2018
Artists notified: 1 July 2018
Work due: 1 April 2019
Exhibition dates: May 2019; TBC
Exhibition location: Hobart, Tasmania; TBC

Note: All exhibitors must be a member of The Australian Ceramics Association at the time of the exhibition.

Please post proposals to:
Damon Moon, Curator
The Australian Ceramics Association
PO Box 677, Alexandria NSW 1435
share via Dropbox (or similar host) with

For more information, please call TACA office: 1300 720 124
or email,

call for artists: IV. International Ceramics Triennial UNICUM 2018

Organized by the National Museum of Slovenia
17th May – 30th September 2018

The National Museum of Slovenia is setting up IV. International Ceramics Triennial UNICUM 2018. The emphasis is on popularization as well as presentation of contemporary ceramics as an independent area in the field of artistic creation. Triennial is a connection between international and Slovene area and it gives a fresh insight into artistic ceramics. Its intention is searching for elementary artistic research in connection to contemporary thought. We are looking for new concepts, technologies and innovative research in the field of ceramic art that are connected to contemporary life.
IV. International Ceramics Triennial UNICUM 2018 contains competitive part and accompanying events and exhibitions all over Slovenia. The National Museum of Slovenia will host the competitive part of the Triennial as well as the international exhibition of ceramics of students from Art Schools and Academies chosen by the invited mentors. All the addresses of locations, where exhibitions and events will take place, and all the timetables will be announced at our web site (  

Call for application is international and public. Any individual artist or group of artists working in the field of ceramic art may participate in the IV. International Ceramics Triennial UNICUM 2018. Ceramic artworks may include other materials which must not predominate. Each participant is allowed to submit up to two artworks or two projects consisting of several ceramic elements. Due to the limitations of the exhibition space one object must not exceed the dimensions 1.5x1x1 m, one project must not exceed the dimensions 2x2x2 m, two-dimensional artworks (suitable for hanging on the wall) must not exceed the dimensions 4×3 m. By applying, the artist assures that each ceramic artwork was created within the last three years. Members of the organizing committee, international jury are not allowed to take part in the competitive part of the Triennial. The works selected for the exhibition will be chosen by the international jury on the basis of the received documentation. The costs of sending and returning the artworks must be covered by the author.

Full application detail can be found here:

call for entry: Klytie Pate Ceramics Award

2017 winner of the Klytie Pate Award ‘A small brewed’ by Dianne Peach


Named after the renowned ceramicist Klytie Pate, the award offers a $3000 prize and is open to  ceramicists all over Australia.

Entry forms and conditions: Download the Conditions of Entry and the official Entry Form on our Forms page.

Deadline for entries: Deadline for entries has been extended to 24 December.

More information: Initial enquiries may be made to the convener, Gill Belle on 0409 647 092, or by email at

call for entry: The Cup Show 2017 @ Clay Arts Vegas

PROSPECTUS is the link below:

Fill out this form for PROSPECTUS

cut and paste version:

Las Vegas Nevada’s Clay Arts Vegas is pleased to host “the CUP show 2018” an international juried art exhibition, January 4 2018- February 24 2018 in the Victor F. Keen Gallery, at Clay Arts Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada. “the CUP show 2018” will feature functional and sculptural cups, tea bowls and mugs.
The cup maybe the most intimate of ceramic objects. We caress it in our hands, raise it to our delicate lips and imbibe the fluid of life. Be part of our annual juried show and have your cup seen in Las Vegas. Tall, small, tea bowl or handle each cup is a work of art created to entice the soul of the drinker.

Deadline: November 17, 2017. Participation is open to all artists 18 years of age or older. Work submitted must be original, must use clay as the primary material, must specify firing technique(s) and size, and must have been completed within the last 2 years. All cups must be functional and food safe

Jurors come from Clay Arts Vegas Staff with invited guest juror and featured artist Lelani Trinka

Peter Jakubowski (Clay Arts Vegas Gallery Supervisor, hand building instructor, Education Advisor and Design Expert) Peter comes to fine art and sculpture through an extensive theatre design back round having received his BA in theatre from SUNY Buffalo and an MFA in design from Temple University. Clay started as a medium for him to develop props and masks and has morphed into a wide variety of forms from functional to sculptural. His ceramic work has been seen in gallery shows in the south west and is in private collections around the globe. He focuses on an exploration of the natural beauty of clay. His work is often characterized by the use of oxided washes, raw clay and heavy organic textures.
He has extensive teaching experience having been a tenured professor of design and has over 25 years of experience as a professional lighting and scenic designer. His theatrical experience is seen in his work as he plays with the use of positive and negative space to create a sense of visual movement and theatricality in his pieces. He works in a variety of other art mediums and enjoys sculpture, lapidary, and silver-smithing. His initial love of clay developed from the study and collecting of traditional South East folk pottery.

Guest Juror and Featured Artist: Leilani Trinka is a ceramic artist, specializing in hand built objects with a functional approach. She works exclusively in porcelain. Her work is small in scale, highly detailed and meticulously handcrafted yet playful in character. The pieces work as part of a set or collections but every object is a unique, one of a kind entity.
Drawing her inspiration from both the natural and the manmade, Leilani is enthused by detail, pattern, texture, familiar forms and diminutive size. Through her work, she aspires to make a connection with the viewer and entice them to interact with the objects she makes; for the pieces to be held, examined and used.
Born and raised in Hawaii before traveling the world, Leilani finally stopped in South East Asia in 2002. She currently lives in Singapore, where she is a practicing artist and a supply teacher at the British International, Tanglin Trust School. She is also a mother to Kaimana and a wife to Chris.
Leilani’s work has been exhibited internationally including England, Wales, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Canada and throughout the United States.

There will be a $200 award for best of show.
Entry Requirements and Procedures
An artist may enter up to 5 works, up to 2 images per work.
There is a non-refundable jury fee of $35 total for fist three works entered additional pieces maybe entered for $10 per piece, payable at or by credit card or check.
Images must be JPEG, at 300 dpi (suggested minimums: 800 pixels in either direction, with maximum file size of 1.0 MB). Each JPEG image must be titled with the artist’s last name, first name, entry number, and “detail” if you are including a detail image

Important Dates
Exhibit Dates: January 4, 2018 to February 24, 2018
Entry Deadline: November 17, 2017
Juror Results: November 21,2017
Accepted Art Work to be Delivered to CAV by: December 18,2017
Hand Delivered Work to The Clay Arts Vegas: December 18,2017
Opening Reception Best of Show Announcement: First Friday January 5,2018
Pick Up Art Work: February 28, 2018 between 10-5pm @ CAV

call for entry: 10th Anniversary Cup Show!

Gulf Coast State College Amelia Center Gallery is hosting its annual juried exhibition that explores the idea of the drinking vessel. The focus of the exhibit is on the function and concept of the drinking vessel, including its relation to history, politics, craft, technology, utility, and narrative. It is a survey of the wide variety of approaches to contemporary ceramics through the lens of the most intimate and accessible vessel – the cup.
Direct link for e submissions.