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Canada has it’s very own ceramic decal printer services! Can you believe it? Too exciting!
From the amazing Forage studios that have brought you such wonders as the incredible artwork of Mariko Paterson, now Canadians can now have their own artwork printed and ready to fire locally.

Find all the detail at foragestudios.squarespace.com/decal-love

And everything comes to you at a low low price too! The cost for each page of full colour decals is $15!!! (plus shipping and applicable taxes of course)

So get creative folks and get decalling!

movie day: Yeesook Yung

Korean Artist Project (KAP), which comprises three-year plan spanning
from 2011 to 2013, is a global online platform that presents a series of
virtual exhibitions featuring artworks by Korean contemporary artists
to internationally promote them, allowing them to enter into the global
art arena.
Now in its second year, it is hosted by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and organized by the Korean Art Museum Association.
the first year 2011 in which 21 Korean artists participated, the second
year 2012 includes new more 21 Korean contemporary artists, presenting
approximately more than 1500 artworks with a wide variety of genres
including painting, sculpture, drawing, installation, and photography as
well as video and digital art.
A total of 42 participating artists
were selected by a number of curators from 19 Korean art museums and
then juried by Korean and international art critics. For more info,
please go visit www.koreanartistproject.com

Shifting Paradigms in Contemporary Ceramics: The Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio Collection

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Mar 4, 2012 – Jun 3, 2012
Beck Building, Ground Floor
5601 Main Street
New York-based scholars and gallerists Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio have been leaders in the ceramics field for three decades, assembling one of the most important private collections of contemporary ceramics in the world. In 2007, the MFAH acquired the Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio Collection of some 475 artworks, as well as the accompanying library and artist archive. Shifting Paradigms presents nearly 160 objects—ceramics and works on paper—from this richly diverse collection, which includes major international figures such as Kenjiro Kawai, Jean-Pierre Laroque, Adrian Saxe, Peter Voulkos, and Beatrice Wood, many of whom are represented in depth, as well as examples by Anthony Caro, Lucio Fontana, Claes Oldenburg, and Grayson Perry. The exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue, copublished by the MFAH and Yale University Press.

Shartle Symposium “Shifting Paradigms in Contemporary Ceramics”
Saturday March 3rd, 1pm-5pm Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Shifting Paradigms in Contemporary Ceramics: The Garth Clark and Mark Del Vecchio Collection. Welcome and Opening Remarks | Cindi Strauss, MFAH assistant director, programming; curator, modern and contemporary decorative arts and design; organizing curator of the exhibition Sealed Capsule | Garth Clark, scholar, gallerist, and collector
Is the 20th-century ceramics movement over? In the 21st century, is ceramics a fully accepted fine-arts material but no longer an autonomous discipline? If so, is this a good thing? Garth Clark examines a turning point in this millennia-old medium. On Conscripting Mugs and Other Ceramics into Life’s Battles for Independence | Ezra Shales, associate professor of art history, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University
In the field of ceramics, a distinction is often made between “functional” objects and “art” objects—a binary opposition that is both reductive and misleading. Ezra Shales critiques the validity of the term “functional” and investigates how drinking vessels remain key tools in the assertion of one’s identity. SHORT BREAK The Well-Wrought Urn | Jenni Sorkin, assistant professor, contemporary art and critical studies, School of Art, University of Houston
This talk reconsiders Garth Clark’s groundbreaking exhibition American Ceramics, 1876 to the Present against the backdrop of mid-20th-century formalism, in particular Cleanth Brooks’s The Well-Wrought Urn (1947), Herbert Read’s criticism on modern sculpture, and the Syracuse Annuals exhibition series. From Postmodernism to Postindustrialism | Jorunn Veiteberg, professor of curatorial studies and craft theory, Bergen National Academy of the Arts, Norway
A re-evaluation of the decorative and a reuse of historical forms were central to ceramics in the 1980s, the key decade of Postmodernism. But what has happened since? Are contemporary ceramics still Postmodern, or have new paradigmatic shifts taken place? Panel Discussion | Mark Del Vecchio joins the speakers. Moderated by Cindi Strauss. Reception | The audience is invited to a wine reception with the speakers in the lobby of the Beck Building, and to view the exhibition.http://mfah.org/calendar/36th-annual-ruth-k-shartle-symposium/5192/

The work of Christina Bryer

From her website:

“Christina Bryer has been working as an artist and designer since 1980. Her background is in jewellery design, then in 1998, she studied ceramics in London.

When she encountered Penrose’s aperiodic tiling, she began incorporating the principles into her porcelain plates. Her work is therefore based on the highest forms of geometry, yet the same patterns are found in unicellular organisms, and a cross-section of a strand of DNA, and has been called the geometry of life. Aperiodicity also describes a slice through 5th dimensional hyper-space – the geometry of the cosmos.”View more incredible work on her website here.

Vallauris Institute of Arts: Master Classes in 2012

Masterclass workshop with Khaled SIRAG – July 30th to August 12th 2012
Khaled SIRAG “Development of a monumental Collective work” A lecturer doctor at Helwan University in Cairo (a member of the ceramics department, Faculty of Applied Arts), Khaled SIRAG is an artist known for his personal and collective work, he exhibits around the world and he’s also known for participating in many international symposiums and workshops. He already lead (in Korea, Turkey) the same kind of project we will address in this course: Development of a monumental Collective work. The title of the work is “How to build Humanity” “Indeed, how to build humanity …? It should be a central element to cherish: a pillar, a mast, a guide ….We believe humanity develops through “individualities” put together…We will develop a monumental piece of about 2.50m – 3m in height which will be surrounded by an accumulation of personal items, where each individual will print and express his/her identity. (see photo below). The base of this project will develop with discussions and the creativity of all the participants. We will use the following techniques: Raku, Naked Raku, and Pit firing for larger pieces that made up the core. This workshop will last two weeks. On Friday of the second week, the firing (Raku, Naked Raku) will be held in public on the main square of the old town; we will “picnic” on the spot and some artists from Vallauris will join us for the preparation and the firings. Further details will come later when all negotiations with the Cityhall will be finalized. This outdoors collective work will be a donation to the city of Vallauris and be on permanent display in a public place. The event will be inserted in the communication of the “Pottery Festival” to be held on the last day of the course. In this regard, you are cordially invited to the lunch on that will bring together with all Ceramists of Vallauris, on Sunday afternoon, before your departure. – « Masterclass » workshop – 14 days* :
1300€ with accomodation If you live on the area and you would like to participate, please contact us. Fee includes clay, glazes, and firings *Included : breakfasts at the studio + 1 welcome lunch on Monday + museum visits.

Workshop with Masakazu KUSAKABE – february the 13th to 17th

+ february the 18 th 2012


«Back to Fukushima”

An intensive workshop with Mazakazu KUSAKABE, famous master of Japanese traditional Raku, will lead, for the second time at the Institute, two workshops about the ancient technique. Also known internationally for his constructions of “smoke free” wood kilns, he will share with us some aspects of his technique. The week workshop on the “traditional bowl” will be punctuated with small lectures on ancient techniques, history of Ceramic Art in Japan, the Zen philosophy … Several firings will take place, including one by night. A small exhibit of your bowls and a tea ceremony will complete the workshop. For the workshop on Saturday, bowls already bisque fired will be provided, but you can, if you wish, bring your own bowls (already fired). — – “Masterclass” workshop – 5 days* :
€ 650 with accommodation
€ 450 without accommodation – “Masterclass” workshop – 1 day **:
€ 85 day Equipment, materials and firings included. * The breakfasts in the studio are included + 1 welcome lunch on Monday + museum visits ** Breakfast included. Usually, everyone brings a dish and a drink to share for lunch in the studio.

Vallauris Institute of Arts

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