Craft ACT’s annual exhibition call out is now open

Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre invites craftspeople, designers, makers and curators at all levels of experience and across a variety of mediums to propose new exhibitions for the 2022 artistic program.

“As a 50-year-old membership organisation, we love to collaborate with artists to curate an extraordinary artistic program which embeds contemporary craft, making and design at the centre of everyday life in Australia’s capital, a global city of design,” said Rachael Coghlan, CEO + Artistic Director.

Craft ACT’s exhibition program is highly regarded and has received multiple awards. Artists whose work is featured in the Craft ACT artistic program place their work in view of collecting institutions, business and industry, individual collectors and audiences. It is a valued opportunity to foster innovation and excellence, and to help artists make a living from their practice. Experimental and traditional exhibitions, as well as regional, national and international projects, can be supported.

Recently, the high-quality exhibition program has expanded its reach and legacy by moving to deeper digital engagement. “Expanded digital engagement was a pivot during the Covid-19 lockdown but has turned into a deeply meaningful and valuable dimension of our core programming. In addition to showcasing new work, building artist’s CVs and commissioning critical essays, exhibitions selected for the Craft ACT artistic program will be supported by online videos, catalogues, interviews and professional photography,” said Coghlan.

About the exhibition program

The annual artistic program showcases and supports recent graduates and early career artists, high-calibre and iconic practitioners, as well as craft and design researchers. Every proposal is assessed by a panel of respected artists across the craft mediums of ceramics, textiles, glass, jewellery and furniture, as well as design. This rigorous ‘peer review’ approach is considered the gold standard in the arts sector, helping to promote excellence, represent diversity and remain at the cutting edge in contemporary craft and design. Selection is highly competitive every year. Craft ACT receives more applications than can be accommodated.

About Craft ACT: Craft + Design Centre

Since 1971, Craft ACT has played a vital role in sustaining Australia’s high-quality studio practice and supporting craftspeople, designers and audiences. We are proudly one of Australia’s longest continuous-running membership organisations in the visual arts and we have much to celebrate. Craft ACT is recognised as a leading centre in Australian craft and design, with a vision to strengthen the dynamic link between the arts – as encompassed in the craft sector – and the broad creative industries and design sector.

Submissions due

Proposals must be received by 11.59 pm (AEST) Sunday 21 March 2021.

Late proposals will not be accepted.

Need further information?


Rachael Coghlan
CEO/Artistic Director, Craft ACT: or 02 6262 9333


Madisyn Zabel
Gallery Manager, Craft ACT: or 62629333

Submit 2022 Craft ACT exhibition application

Image: Surface Vector exhibition by Dan Lorrimer, 2020. Photo: 5 Foot Photography

job posting: Ceramics Studio Manager @ Ernabella Arts

Do you want the opportunity of a lifetime? Are you ready for an incredibly special, life-changing experience?
Ernabella Arts is seeking a full-time Ceramics Studio Manager, starting mid-May 2021. Write to for the full position description and details.
Applications close 5pm, 19 March 2021.

This is a unique and exciting opportunity for a Ceramic Studio Manager who would like to experience life in a remote Indigenous community. You will need to be highly motivated, have both ceramic and management skills, together with a highly developed sense of aesthetics and technical experience in making a variety of ceramics. Respect and understanding of cross-cultural environment and knowledge of contemporary Aboriginal Art is also required.

Ceramic workshop with Shannon Garson

Explore the world of ceramic colour and drawing without using glazes! With a painterly approach, learn to work in an intuitive, expressive way to get layered, sophisticated surfaces, using a mix of underglazes, oxides and glaze stains taking your work to the next level. A teabowl will serve as the initial inspiration, this small vessel is the conduit to wider ideas ranging from the importance of line, the true weight of volume, how to solve technical design issues in all mediums from textiles to painting, and what to do when you are at a creative dead end.

Designed as a creative boost for experienced artists in any field, germinate your ideas and experience intense burst of inspiration.…/mcgreg…/ceramics-shannon-garson

call for entry: The Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize

The Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize is funded by Mud Australia, the iconic Australian ceramic design company founded by Shelley Simpson.

For Shelley Simpson, creating this Prize is about nurturing the next generation of Australian artists and encouraging innovation within the craft of Ceramics:

“The visual arts are an integral part of our culture and overall social wellbeing. The sector has long been under-valued and poorly funded. With no change in sight it’s up to individuals and businesses with the foresight and capital to step up and do what they can to reverse the decline.

This generation of ceramicists is really inspiring. Their work touches all the right areas: environmental, social, visual and useful! After personally watching my daughter financially struggle with her investment in her final year of fine art studies, despite our support, I realised others may not be so lucky. It is my hope that this award will nurture and support some of our brightest ceramicists in the years to come.”

What’s it about?

The mission of the Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize is to support the next generation of Australian ceramicists. These emerging artists may be working across functional, small scale, fine art, handcrafted or more complex commercial pursuits with ceramics.

The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize to support their studies. This money may be used for tuition fees or however the student sees fit to complete their studies successfully.

This annual Prize is open to all Australian students studying Ceramics as an elective or major. Students studying alternative disciplines as their major may still apply.


First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

All prize winners will be offered a 3 month paid internship with Mud Australia’s Production to complete in 2021.

History of Mud

Established in 1994, Mud Australia is a highly-considered range of porcelain tableware and lighting designed by Shelley Simpson.

Mud is known for producing collections that neatly intersect a minimalist aesthetic with an artisan finish, in a refined colour palette.

All Mud collections are ethically handmade in their Sydney studio with the intention of bringing an organic joy to built spaces.

Loved by many in the design and food worlds, including Nigella Lawson who describes Mud as:

“Mud is the most beautiful contemporary ceramic crockery anywhere in the world. Design, feel, colour, mood: everything is exquisite—and practical with it.”

Mud Australia’s flagship stores are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York City and London.

Mud Australia can also be purchased online at

The SSCP is open to students studying ceramics as an elective or major in Australia. Mud Australia is committed to achieving a diverse community and strongly encourages applications from First Australian peoples.

residency opportunity: Sturt (NSW Australia)

Sturt’s Artist-in-Residence program invites and attracts experienced artists practicing in ceramics, jewellery/metalwork, textiles and woodwork. We house four to six residencies each year.

We encourage small scale production and individually designed work, which may be promoted through Sturt Gallery. Professional residencies may be awarded specifically to develop a body of work which can be produced and made at Sturt during the maker’s time here.

Sturt sees the residency program as an important addition to its overall aim of providing support for Australian contemporary art and design through a program of teaching, retail, exhibition and residencies. The emphasis of the residency program is to support those who embrace this philosophy.

All residency programs are financially assisted by Friends of Sturt.

Full details can be found HERE. Deadline is OCT 31st.