technical tuesday: How to re-glaze your pottery with Earth Nation Pottery

This video was requested by one of you dirty potters. when re-glazing your pottery remember few things.

1. the reason glaze dries fast when at bisque is because the pores are still open. fully glazed and matured pottery will not have open pores so your really just putting glaze on top of glaze and hoping it will combine with the other glaze when it reaches temp.

2. because of reason #1 you should save a little more time to re-glaze your pots then just regular glazing them.

3. once dry it will smudge very easily , be careful

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technical tuesday: Plainsman Wax Emulsion

Last week at NCECA I had the absolute thrill of being one of Amaco Brent‘s demonstrating artists at their booth in the NCECA expo. While there I demonstrated how I use their underglazes for both my functional and sculptural lines of work. One thing that I found myself repeating over and over again was the name of the wax emulsion I use so I thought I’d share it here today. I carve those little black lines in my functional work through a thin coat of Plainmans Clay LTD.’s Wax emulsion R. I don’t water it down. I don’t let it sit for more then 24 hrs to dry. It works great for this process for me because it doesn’t gum up or stay tacky like a latex or rubber based wax would – thus allowing me to draw very tiny details and thin lines. I’m not sure if there is an American exquivalent, or international one for other countries. But this one is available through Plainsman Clay.  Their webiste lists all of thier distributors in Canada and the USA. Or give them a call to place an order.