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Ceramic Materials Workshop is a place online to understand and explore how and why our Clay and Glazes work (and don’t work).

Our materials speak for us in the kitchen and gallery, it benefits us to learn about how to speak through our materials. 

Mastering the skills of clay and glaze performance helps every ceramicists, become their best self in the studio. 

Ceramicists at all levels can now learn how Clay and Glazes function, online.
Here at Ceramic Materials Workshop.
About the instructors:  
Rose Katz
Has worked in the tile industry as a clay and glaze engineer for 10 years.
Rose has B.F.A from Alfred in ceramic art and spent many years as an independent artist and production potter.
Rose took her materials expertise to a mid-sized tile company many years ago, where she used her knowledge of ceramic materials and revolutionized the company’s materials and process. Winning awards and developing hundreds of glazes and clays in the process.
Rose’s experiences as a studio potter and tile maker, make her experience and knowledge truly special.
Matt Katz
Has taught ceramic materials for artists at Alfred University for over 15 years.
He is a working ceramic artist with a B.F.A from Alfred and M.F.A. from the University of Colorado-Boulder
He has worked as a Ceramic Engineer and researcher for almost 20 years.
Katz uses his knowledge of Art and Engineering to make ceramic science understandable for people of all experience levels.
Matt is an experienced online educator, who has crafted an online version of material studies, accessible and understandable for everyone.

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Online Courses with Matt Katz (a better way to spend your summer!)

The course is
a 5 week, intensive, online class, and it basically the same course that Matt Katz
teaches to Graduate and Undergraduate students at Alfred.
It is
available to everyone, and is offered for transferable credits for
undergraduate students.
The course
will be offered and twice this summer May-16th-June 24th and June 27th-August
The class is
presented as a series of videos, that are posted Mondays, Wednesdays, and
Fridays. You can watch them at your leisure. The only restriction is that once
a week we have a live discussion on the three previous video, so If you are
behind, you may miss out on part of the discussion.  After the class is done, you should have
access to the videos for another 4-6 weeks to go back and re-explore.
Additionally, we will have readings and optional labs.
As far as the
nitty gritty you can find all that here
and here
The cost is
$1320, to sign up, you can contact the registrar’s office
or 607-871-2123
this summer we will be offering our classes:
Introduction to Glazes Online
is our introductory class, teaching the science of glazes, translated into
English for the artist’s community. It is the much beloved, gold standard
course for understanding glazes for makers of all levels of experience.
This class is going to be offered twice this
summer, from May-16th-June 24th and again from June 27th-August

Topics: Introduction to Clays

This is the sister course to Glazes, where
in, we dive into what makes clays work and not work. Studying how to make the
most of your studio, clays and firings.
This class is also going to be offered twice
this summer, from May-16th-June 24th and again from June
27th-August 5th.
**Brand new
course** Topics: Glaze Effects and Color
(aka Glazes II)
This is our advanced glaze course, where we
dive deep into the science of what makes glazes cool. Exploring the subtleties,
tips and tricks of glaze chemistry.
This class is also going to be offered once this summer, from June 27th-August
cost of each full course is $1320 which is structured to offer 4 academic
sign up, you can contact the registrar’s office or 607-871-2123
Instructor: Matt Katz is the creator and
instructor for Introduction to Glaze Formulation Online. Matt has taught
ceramic material courses at The School of Art and Design at Alfred
University for over 12 years. He received a BFA from The School of Art
and Design and a MFA from the University of Colorado, Boulder. Matt’s
extensive study at the Inamori School of Engineering and engagement as a
studio artist have enabled him to design a new version of glaze
formulation that combines the intuition of the artist with the science
of the ceramic engineer. Katz strives to make a complex subject
understandable for individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels.