collective profile: The Bright Angle

What do you get when you mix a bunch of creatives together and form a new collective called The Bright Angle? You get awesome.

You might have come across The Bright Angle through their work on The Democratic Cup:

Image above is a collaboration: image by Michael Corney and Cup designed by East Fork Pottery.

The Democratic Cup is the brainchild of artists Ayumi Horie and Nick Moen.

The Democratic Cup is a slow activism project that uses handmade cups to encourage people to become active and engaged citizens in our democracy. We encourage person-to-person civil conversations about social and political issues. As a country, we need conversations and connections to reinforce the dignity and inclusivity of all Americans, regardless of race, religion, gender, sexuality, and culture. The Democratic Cup believes that these cups will act as agents of social change by generating positive political discourse.” – from their website.

Or perhaps you follow the work of the individual team members of The Bright Angle:

Shannon Tovey

Laurie Caffery Harris



Evan Cornish-Keefe

Nick Moen

Regardless you should pay attention to this ceramic crew as they are on the cusp of some pretty cool design stuff and you can help out at the ground level to invest in their collective dreams : )

The goal is to bridge a gap between studio artists and the design marketplace. I believe the best way to execute this is by creating efficient systems of well-designed handmade objects where the production process is taken into consideration when designing the original model. In order to execute the prototypes for our first collaborative collection, we utilized the Asheville Maker’s space, our neighbors at The Refinery, to 3D print models for slip-cast porcelain mold systems. Beyond that, our collaborations in Asheville have involved working with local glassblowers, leather workers, printmakers, photographers, candle makers and other ceramic artists. This is why The Bright Angle is starting in Asheville, because the creative community is full of masters of their craft and in my experience we are all here to grow together.“- Nick Moen

Just check out a few of their innovative designs below:

These fine folks have a kickstarter going and could use your help if you are so inclined.

Find out more here or here.