movie day: Clay Chat with Shoji Satake

In 2019 Shoji completed a massive long-term collaboration with Chinese master craftsmen, students, and artists from the world over, culminating in KAPOW! Finding Heros in the Age of Trump. This exhibition hosted by Eutectic Gallery in September 2019 featured the products of this collaboration, exquisite porcelain vessels created according to millennium-old processes but emblazoned in the classic blue and white style with female comic book heroes rising up against the hate and misogyny of President Trump. Shoji recently released a new round of works from this project, including polychrome jars and Trump ash trays. Listen in as Shoji takes us deeper into the project, its inspiration, and his hopes for the future.

View the exhibition HERE.

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movie day: Potter Linda Sikora & Alfred University, TEACHERS episode of Craft in America


Potter Linda Sikora, Alfred University, Wayne Higby, Andrea Gill, John Gill, Matthew Metz segment. TEACHERS episode PBS Premiere: September 15, 2016.

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