technical tuesday/movie day: forgive me my head is not in the game this week.

So i missed technical tuesday, which can happen…but now i’ve almost missed movie day as well. It’s been one of those weeks where motivation is lacking, brain is elsewhere and things are pilling up on my desk/workbench. So here you go a technical video i shot in the studio earlier today showing my process of painting in the underglaze for my drawings. On bone dry greenware i sketch in pencil, then cover with a thin layer of wax emulsion (no latex), then i carve the lines through the wax with a sewing needle. Paint on the black underglaze, wipe back and voila – ready for the bisque!

Process. Adding black underglaze (@amacobrent) to the carved lines. #canadianceramics #pottery #ceramics

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Art Pro Podcast with… me, Carole Epp

I wouldn’t really classify myself as a PRO at anything. I’m stumbling through my life and career trying to figure things out as I go so I find it interesting when others ask to interview me as though I had some type of a system sorted out or special behind the scenes knowledge. The more I know, the more I realize how little I actually know about all things art and career related. But heck I love listening to others talk about the ins and outs of their careers so maybe you’ll like to have a listen to me talk about mine : )

Huge thanks to Jessica Watchorn for the interview it was super fun!

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instagram: @artpropodcast 

The Fusion Clay + Glass Show – THIS FRIDAY!

our 20th year of high craft clay and glass, the FUSION Clay and Glass
Show at Toronto’s Wychwood Barns opens with a reception on Friday,
October 14th, 6-9pm. Join us in welcoming from the Yukon through to

Lauren Blakey, Alison Brannen, Lee Horus Clark,
Yolande Clark, Carole Epp, Jody Greenman-Barber, Jason Holley, Lesley
McInally, Clint Neufeld, Grace Nickel, Mariko Paterson,
Andrea Piller, Marcelina Salazar, Chiho Tokita, Natalie Wadell, Juana
Berinstein, Michelle Bishop, Diane Black, Carolynn Bloomer, Erin
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Loren Kaplan, Astrid Kruse, Heather Lepp, Hannun Lyn, Michelle
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Reddick, Heather Smit, Joe Speck, Brenda Sulivan, and Catherine Thomas.