Call for Artists | °Ceramic Artist Exchange – Tandem 2019 – Neumünster/Germany

Since 1987 there’s the artist house “Stadttöpferei”, based in the historical city centre of Neumünster, northern Germany. It is run by the Dr. Hans Hoch Foundation as a special place for art and artists for contemporary advanced ceramic art. The institution is evolving constantly and is characterized by numerous ceramic artists who have lived and worked here. Activities include regular exhibitions and workshops in the gallery or the International Ceramic Symposium, which took place in 2017 for the second time.

Due to the new internationally announced program “Ceramic Artist in Residence” that started in 2013, we offered the opportunity for young artists to live, work and exhibit at the residency house free of rent. This residency program were focused on dialog on contemporary positions of advanced ceramic art, intercultural exchange, as well as experiments with materials and audience.

Since 2016 there is the first time no age restriction and the exchange of different generations of artists is now central to the program “Ceramic Artist Exchange – Tandem”. For 2019, a jury will award 10 residencies to live and work here.


This residency is designed to accomodate two artists from different generations (emerging / experienced) artists for 4 weeks free of charge and includes a well equipped ceramic studio, as well as a comfortable living space. The resident will be provided with basic materials and free electric kiln firings during the course of the residency. The studio space is open to the public during the day, artists are requested to be present and available for visitors giving them an insight into their creative process.

At the end of the residency a final public presentation in the form of a exhibition or performance, focussing on the work produced at Stadttöpferei, is expected. The artist also donate one representative work of art. It will be part of the final exhibition at the end of the residency year and the Stadttöpferei collection.


Applications for the four-week stay in 2019 will be accepted latest until 29th September 2018. The residence program mainly supports artists who focussing on contemporary advanced ceramic art and who use clay as their primary material. The will for mutual exchanges and cooperation with the other older or younger fellow guest artist is a condition to apply. An age limit does not exist. This residency is only avaliable once for each artist.

Please submit the following (in english or german only):

– completed application form
– a maximum of 10 images of own works from the last three years, with details of title, material, size, in the form of high-resolution jpg files
– Vita, with details on education, exhibitions, awards and artist residencies
– written project proposal & informations about skills, experiences to share

Applications are accepted exclusively online via the application form you will find HERE on their website. For questions please contact

Be aware, that incomplete or late applications may not be considered. The selection of artists is made by a jury. Within eight weeks after the application deadline, the artists will be informed of the outcome of the jury’s decision.

If you have questions, please read first the pratical informations and don’t hesitate to contact us.

The Artist in Residence program is funded by the Dr. Hans Hoch Foundation, the town Neumünster, the Foundation of Sparkasse Südholstein and the Wohnungsbau GmbH Neumünster.


– Dr. Susanne Schwertfeger, Institut of Art History, University of Kiel
– Johanna Göb, Head of the Cultural Office, City of Neumünster
– Carsten Hillgruber, Head of the Dr. Hans Hoch Foundation, 1st City Council, City of Neumünster
– Danijela Pivašević-Tenner, Artist and Artistic Director of the programme “Ceramic Artist in Residence” and „Ceramic Artist Exchange – Tandem“


residency opportunity: Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art

Mashiko Museum Residency Program is conducting an artist residency enterprise (Artist in Residence) that provides the opportunity for cultural exchanges for both domestic and overseas ceramic artists, and to aim of developing and raising the level of art culture. This time, we advertise for a few ceramic artists to participate in Open Call program 2019.

Mashiko Museum Residency Program was initiated in May 2014 by Mashiko town and Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art. The artist-in-residence program invites active artists from outside of the town to stay and work in Mashiko.

We have two kinds of programs, Guest Artist Program and Open Call Program (started in 2017). The guest artists are invited by Mashiko town / Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art to stay and work here and the open call artists stay and work here after being accepted through our application process. During their stay in Mashiko, artists conduct exchange events such as slide lectures, workshops, open studios, etc. together with work creation. Through this enterprise, we are aiming to deepen the exchanges between artists from outside of the town and creative people in and around Mashiko. We also hope that ceramics and other crafts of Mashiko will be shared widely both nationally and internationally, and that this program will be a springboard for new creative paths.

Mashiko Arts & Crafts Residence has been built with the generous donation from Minoru Otsuka, a Mashiko-born businessman and the founder of Otsuka Corporation. The facility was completed in spring 2014, and stands in the premises of Ceramic Art Messe Mashiko. It is a one-story building with red tiles for the roof, which uses minerals from Ashinuma in Mashiko. The facility includes a living space for the artists-in-residence as well as a multi-purpose atelier.

Find out more here:

residency opportunity @ Red Star Studios

Red Star Studios continues to host national and international artists through its Artist in Residence program. A residency provides ceramic artists the opportunity to expand their body of work or create a special project that may be outside the scope of their routine studio practice. The residency program gives driven, self-directed artists opportunities for rigorous professional development and enhanced self-sufficiency practices. Within the Red Star community, resident artists engage in constructive dialogue and immerse themselves in their work. Residents foster the development of the studio’s creative environment and create outreach opportunities within the local community. Outreach opportunities include teaching classes or workshops, giving public presentations, and critiques. Through community involvement, residents create educational opportunities for the appreciation and critical understanding of ceramics, thus employing and evolving Red Star Studios as an innovative, artistic resource.

We will begin accepting applications for our Artist in Residence program in January, for residencies beginning in August/September.

How to apply:

Please select one of these options to submit the required items, by April 15. Digital submissions should arrive by 11:59pm CST and mailed packages should be postmarked April 15.

Fellowship Resident applications can be submitted at any time, but the submission must occur at least 6 months before the proposed start date.

  • Via Google Drive
    Create a new folder and label it with which residency you are applying for and your first and last name. Ex: Foundation_John_Doe. After uploading all of the documents into one folder, please share it with
  • Via DropBox
    Create a new folder and label it with which residency you are applying for and your first and last name. Ex: Foundation_John_Doe. After uploading all of the documents into one folder, please share it with
  • Via Snail Mail
    In a single package, send printed materials and CD of images to:
    Red Star Studios
    Attn: Artist in Residence Committee
    2011 Tracy Ave
    Kansas City, MO 64108

The following residency opportunities are currently offered:

Foundation Resident

This residency program is open to artists looking to further their artistic and professional careers and gain experience in a working studio environment. In addition to artistic development, residents will learn about the operation of a large studio by contributing to the studio’s daily maintenance. Responsibilities may include mixing glazes, firing kilns, and ensuring the studio is kept neat and orderly. This residency is ideal for artists who have recently completed their undergraduate or graduate degrees, who thrive in a shared, communal studio environment, and are preparing for the next step in their professional pursuits.

Term: • 1-year, with one 6 to 12 month renewal option.
Requirements: • Recently completed undergraduate or graduate degree
• Submission of the following items:
– Completed application form
– CV and Artist Statement
– Letter of intent outlining why you selected Red Star Studios, a specific project to be completed during the Residency period and what you hope to gain from being a Foundation Resident.
– 15-20 digital images saved in JPEG format at 300dpi
– Image list that corresponds with the digital images
– Two Letters of Reference (which can be mailed separately)
Responsibilities: • Contribute to the maintenance and productivity of the studio environment, including assisting with firings, cleaning and/or other up-keep;
• Instruct and advise of studio members;
• Participate in studio-sustaining activities through design, production or education.
• Donate a small work to the Red Star Studios collection.
Benefits: • Shared studio space
• Discounts on supplies from Crane Yard Clay
• Discounted firings
• Mentoring in the operation of a working clay studio
• An exhibition at the end of the residency term
• Opportunities to participate in the development of the following:
– Production/Distribution of designs
– Production/Distribution of designs
– Catalog Creation
– Essays
– Exhibitions

Career Resident

This residency is reserved for artists with five years of professional experience. The artist who is ready to establish a solid foundation for the continuation of their work and help Red Star realize its greater vision for the arts, will excel in this position. In addition to supporting residents in the development of their body of work, Red Star provides support in special projects such as publications, product development, or curatorial endeavors. The long-term resident has access to a small private studio.

Term: • 2-3 years, with annual reviews and renewal options.
Requirements: • Working as a professional artist for at least 5 years
• Submission of the following items:
– Completed application form
– CV and Artist statement
– Letter of intent outlining why you selected Red Star Studios, a specific project to be completed during the Residency period and how you would contribute to Red Star and its mission.
– Three professional references, with current contact information
– 15-20 digital images saved in JPEG format at 300dpi
– Image list
Responsibilities: • Responsibilities may include one or all of the following:
– Periodic teaching
– Mentoring and critiquing fellow residents and studio members
– Contribute to the sustainability of Red Star Studios. This may include through an exhibition of work, product development, and studio sales.
– Donate a small work to the Red Star Studios collection.
Benefits: • Waived private studio rental fees
• Discounts on supplies at Crane Yard Clay
• Discounted firings

Fellowship Resident

This residency is for mid-career artists looking for opportunities for professional development in their body of work, or in areas such as technical research and conceptual exploration. Ideal for faculty on sabbatical or professionals looking for a new perspective, this residency offers a brief but focused incubation in a community studio environment.

Term: • 1 to 6 months
Requirements: • Five years of experience as a professional artist
• Submission of the following items:
– Completed application form
– Personal Statement
– CV and Artist Statement
– 10-15 digital images saved in JPEG format at 300dpi
– Image list that corresponds with the digital images
– Written proposal with clearly articulated goals for the Residency period
Responsibilities: • Donate a piece to the Red Star Studios Collection;
• Community interaction through at least one of the following:
– Slideshow
– Workshop
– Mentoring
– Artist critiques
Benefits: • Large Semi-Private Studio space
• Discounted Materials and Firings
• Exhibition Opportunity
• Furnished Housing during the residency term.

call for artists: John Michael Kohler Arts Center Arts/Industry Program

Artists working in any discipline may apply for the Arts Center’s Arts/Industry 2019 program, which takes place at and is funded by Kohler Co. in Kohler, Wis. Each year, 16–22 artists are accepted for 2- to 6-month residencies in the Pottery or Foundry/Enamel areas of the factory. Artists-in-residence receive 24-hour access to studio space, materials, use of equipment, technical assistance, photographic services, housing, and round-trip transportation. The application deadline for 2019 residencies is May 31, 2018. For more information and application form, visit or email

Applications for 2019 residencies will be accepted February 1–May 31, 2018 online only at