Clay Week 2020 – submit by OCT 2nd to be included!

Time is running out to get your events listed for CLAY WEEK 2020!

Deadline is October 2nd.

Full details of all the daily themes, events and how you can get involved are all on the Clay Week Website.

Host an open studio, do a live demo, give an artist talk, or tour an exhibition, the possibilities are endless.

Event runs OCT 5-11th

Everything is online this year to really accessible for everyone to participate! What are you waiting for???


(oh and did I mention there are a ton of great prizes this year???)


call for entry: The Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize

The Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize is funded by Mud Australia, the iconic Australian ceramic design company founded by Shelley Simpson.

For Shelley Simpson, creating this Prize is about nurturing the next generation of Australian artists and encouraging innovation within the craft of Ceramics:

“The visual arts are an integral part of our culture and overall social wellbeing. The sector has long been under-valued and poorly funded. With no change in sight it’s up to individuals and businesses with the foresight and capital to step up and do what they can to reverse the decline.

This generation of ceramicists is really inspiring. Their work touches all the right areas: environmental, social, visual and useful! After personally watching my daughter financially struggle with her investment in her final year of fine art studies, despite our support, I realised others may not be so lucky. It is my hope that this award will nurture and support some of our brightest ceramicists in the years to come.”

What’s it about?

The mission of the Shelley Simpson Ceramics Prize is to support the next generation of Australian ceramicists. These emerging artists may be working across functional, small scale, fine art, handcrafted or more complex commercial pursuits with ceramics.

The winner will receive a $10,000 cash prize to support their studies. This money may be used for tuition fees or however the student sees fit to complete their studies successfully.

This annual Prize is open to all Australian students studying Ceramics as an elective or major. Students studying alternative disciplines as their major may still apply.


First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

All prize winners will be offered a 3 month paid internship with Mud Australia’s Production to complete in 2021.

History of Mud

Established in 1994, Mud Australia is a highly-considered range of porcelain tableware and lighting designed by Shelley Simpson.

Mud is known for producing collections that neatly intersect a minimalist aesthetic with an artisan finish, in a refined colour palette.

All Mud collections are ethically handmade in their Sydney studio with the intention of bringing an organic joy to built spaces.

Loved by many in the design and food worlds, including Nigella Lawson who describes Mud as:

“Mud is the most beautiful contemporary ceramic crockery anywhere in the world. Design, feel, colour, mood: everything is exquisite—and practical with it.”

Mud Australia’s flagship stores are located in Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, New York City and London.

Mud Australia can also be purchased online at

The SSCP is open to students studying ceramics as an elective or major in Australia. Mud Australia is committed to achieving a diverse community and strongly encourages applications from First Australian peoples.

residency opportunity: Sturt (NSW Australia)

Sturt’s Artist-in-Residence program invites and attracts experienced artists practicing in ceramics, jewellery/metalwork, textiles and woodwork. We house four to six residencies each year.

We encourage small scale production and individually designed work, which may be promoted through Sturt Gallery. Professional residencies may be awarded specifically to develop a body of work which can be produced and made at Sturt during the maker’s time here.

Sturt sees the residency program as an important addition to its overall aim of providing support for Australian contemporary art and design through a program of teaching, retail, exhibition and residencies. The emphasis of the residency program is to support those who embrace this philosophy.

All residency programs are financially assisted by Friends of Sturt.

Full details can be found HERE. Deadline is OCT 31st.



Deadline, October 7, 2020
The 2021 NCECA Annual will run from February 5- March 28, 2021 at the Weston Art Gallery, Aronoff Center for the Arts in Cincinnati, Ohio. Exhibition Curator Shannon Rae Stratton shares that according to physician’s Vivek H. Murthy and Alice Chen, the corona virus could cause what is being called a “social recession.” They speak about how the longer we go without personal contact, the more social bonds fray and unravel, leading to harmful effects on mood, health, our ability to learn and work, and our overall sense of community. Many artists working in craft value the field for its history of peer-to-peer exchange, mentorship, functionality and proximity to the body. It’s a field that identifies itself with connection and touch, with craft objects – whether functional design or conceptual art – often serving social functions. This call invites artists to consider the tension between together and apart, interdependence, belonging, hospitality and modes of support that allow people to extend themselves with mindfulness and compassion towards each other and to the non-human world. We encourage submissions that deal with collective grief and mourning, rage, empowerment, joy, care and compassion – but all through work grounded in connection, interdependence and the social. Visit to learn more and submit your work.


Deadline, October 7, 2020
The 2021 NCECA Juried Student Exhibition will take place from January 24-March 20, 2021 at DAAP Galleries of the College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at University of Cincinnati. Ceramic artists Jessika Edgar and Malcolm Mobutu Smith will select works for the exhibition. The exhibition is open to students enrolled in undergraduate, graduate, and post-baccalaureate programs based in the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico. (Applicants must be working towards a degree or be a post-baccalaureate at the time of submission.) Visit to learn more and apply.

September 30, 2020 – 2021 Venue Generated Exhibitions- Cincinnati

October 14, 2020

October 28, 2020

Studio Potter: Grants for Apprenticeships

Applications for the 2020 

Grants for Apprenticeships open on October 1st. 

Five teams of mentors and apprentices will receive $10,000 per team to support a year-long studio pottery apprenticeship.

In this year of momentous events, Studio Potter strongly reaffirms its commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusiveness. The Grants for Apprenticeships Program is committed to supporting the development of BIPOC artists and increasing their presence in studio pottery. Applicants from all races, genders, identities, ethnicities, and religions are encouraged to apply. 


Established in 2019 and funded by an anonymous donor, Studio Potter’s Grants for Apprenticeships Program supports emerging artists who want to become full-time studio potters and mentor-potters who wish to take on apprentices. This grant program honors the mission of Studio Potter and the legacy of its founder, Gerry Williams, by fostering individual careers in studio pottery, contributing to the life and future of ceramics, ensuring the continuity of a centuries-old tradition in non-academic education.


Studio-based apprenticeship is a form of person-to-person training that places work above theory and emphasizes intimacy and immersion. In Western Cultures, people commonly associate the history of apprenticeship with craft and trade practices in Europe during the Middle Ages, but traditions of lineage-learning have endured for centuries around the world. Apprenticeship continues today as a means of passing down knowledge from generation to generation and as a way for aspiring artisans to build professional communities and prepare for careers as studio artists.


Pedagogy in craft disciplines has changed dramatically in the last century because of technological advances and the rise of a modern education industry. In this context, apprenticeship offers an alternative to academic educational structures through one-on-one relationships in an established studio. An apprentice learns by participating in the daily lives of their mentor, learning their skills, and being exposed to their values. Apprenticeships contribute to the preservation of cultural heritage and the professional advancement of studio potters.


Applications will be accepted via SlideRoom. Click here to go to the SlideRoom application.

NEW FOR 2020: Studio Potter offers reviews of applications

Reviews of draft applications are available to those interested. Submit your application in SliderRoom by Oct. 10th to receive feedback by Oct. 20th. We will un-submit your application by Oct. 20th, to allow you to make revisions and submit a final application for the Nov. 1st deadline.