call for artists: Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award

2018 Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award Recipient, Isaac Logsdon

2018 Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award Recipient, Isaac Logsdon

The Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award (WMAA), founded in 2014, provides an opportunity for students and emerging artists to continue their ceramic research and education for a period of up to twelve consecutive months within the grant year, further expanding their professional development. This award is available to current undergraduate or graduate students, recent graduates (within one year), or those who have completed a university-equivalent training in ceramics (including apprenticeships) within the year prior to the application deadline.

During the grant year, the recipients can research a new technique or process, study with a mentor or in an apprenticeship setting, travel to other ceramic art centers or institutions for classes and workshops, collaborate with artists of another media, and travel. Proposals to fund large capital equipment purchases will not be accepted. One or two cash awards will be made in 2020, up to $3,000 each, for projects taking place between May 1, 2020, and April 30, 2021. Recipients contribute project updates to NCC’s social media and are required to give a public presentation at their school or other institution. See updates from past recipients at

This award is made possible through the support of generous individual and institutional donors in honor of MacKenzie’s legacy of ceramic education, both traditional and non-traditional.

The deadline for the Warren MacKenzie Advancement Award application is Friday, April 17, 2020, by 5 pm.

Find out more and apply here:

call for submissions: THREE opportunities to exhibit with Charlie Cummings Gallery!

Summer is Served: Plates call for submissions

This summer Charlie Cummings Gallery will host Summer is Served: Plates, an exhibition exploring the dinner plate, one of the vessels most closely associated with cooking and serving in the home or dining out and with celebrating with family and guests. This exhibition will be via both invitations and submissions showing four individual plates from each participant and will be online only. We are pleased to invite artists to submit plates for consideration for this exhibition celebrating this vital functional ceramic object.

Deadline: midnight Eastern, May 31st, 2020

Exhibition calendar and details:
May 31 – Submission deadline
June 19 – Notifications sent
July 9 – Plates Ship-by Deadline
July 16 – Plates due at gallery
August 1-27Summer is Served: Plates online
May 2022 – Unsold plates returned

Cup: The Intimate Object XVI call for submissions

This fall Charlie Cummings Gallery will host Cup: The Intimate Object XVI, the sixteenth installment of our iconic annual cup show. This year the exhibition will once again be via both invitations and submissions showing five individual cups from each participant and will be online and installed in our brick-and-mortar gallery. We are pleased to invite artists to submit cups for consideration for this exhibition celebrating the most intimate and beloved of functional ceramic objects.

Deadline: midnight Eastern, June 28th, 2020

Exhibition calendar and details:
July 5 – Submission deadline
July 20 – Notifications sent
August 21 – Cups Ship-by Deadline
August 24-September 4 – Cups due at gallery
October 5-October 31Cup: The Intimate Object XVI online
February 2021 – Cups returned

Our Lives in Clay call for submissions

In December Charlie Cummings Gallery will host Our Lives in Clay, exhibition exploring the iconography of the ceramist and a life immersed in the culture of handmade ceramics. The kiln, the potter’s wheel, the warm cat on your lap, the faithful studio dog at your feet, and a favorite cup on the studio table are symbols of a clay artist’s life. The neatly arranged rows of cups on the shelves of a beloved cup collection are immediately recognizable to collectors who choose to fill their lives with handmade ceramics. Tables full of gorgeous wares and sculpture the speak of ceramist’s booths at art festivals and the bountiful collections found at ceramics galleries. These images describe a life lived in appreciation of enduring things produced by human hands with great time investment and skill to be used an enjoyed intimately in the home and proudly shared with all who will touch them and all who will listen. This exhibition will focus on self-referential ceramics that celebrate and examine the life we’ve chosen working with clay.. The exhibition will be via both invitations and submissions showing three individual ceramic works from each participant and will be online only. Pottery, sculpture, and clay prints are welcome. We are pleased to invite artists to submit works celebrating Our Lives in Clay.

Deadline: midnight Eastern, September 13, 2020

Exhibition calendar and details:
September 13 – Submission deadline
October 23 – Notifications sent
November 11 – Work Ship-by Deadline
November 18 – Work due at gallery
December 12-January 7Our Lives in Clay online
July 2021 – Cups returned

Send questions (not submissions) to, or call 352-514-8821.

Full submission details are posted HERE.



call for artists: Rat City Studios Assistant

Studio Assistant Online Application:
Due April 1st, 2020 – No late applications accepted
Notification May 1st
Ideal start date is July 1st, 2020

Polish Your Professional Practices.

The Basic Exchange: An Overview

This is a work-trade agreement. Assist Deb Schwartzkopf at Rat City Studios in exchange for studio space & guidance in a variety of topics involving succeeding as a professional artist, best studio practices, and clay working techniques.  This is an opportunity to work with an active artist and to apply this information in a hands-on manner.  Have one foot in the real world of supporting yourself and receive support from this vibrant community.  Over time, take in the cycles and challenges of making a living as a working artist.

Rat City Studios

I am looking for a two-three year commitment from applicants. 
This might seem like a long time, but the months will fly and the depth of learning will be high.

What I Am Looking For:

I want to work with individuals who are committed to their career in the ceramic arts.  I’m looking for personal motivation and eagerness to learn. I need to be able to count on you to follow through at a high level and to consistently think of what would serve the RCS studio community. While the work you show me in the application is vital, above all I am looking for a good fit for my studio and a dedicated worker.  I spend almost all my time here at the studio living and working. The mental space and energy I foster here supports my ability to be successful and to work long hours. As an assistant I ask that you respect the space and add as much as you can to our exchange. This includes striving forward with your own work, finishing the tasks given to you  thoroughly  (however small), and meeting deadlines. I’m looking for a person who wants to invest both in the community here and in their own personal growth. In my studio, I strive to balance long hours with a sense of humor, attention to detail with experimentation, & community with respect for privacy and personal growth.

Ideal Candidate Qualities:

Dedicated to your own Studio Practice- This assistantship is intended for those looking to grow in their own practice. Plan on spending a minimum of 2 days a week working towards your own goals and 1.5 days a week on assistant responsibilities to the studio. This makes having a day-job difficult. I expect you to be at the studio all the time.

Commitment- With this assistantship I am looking for a one to two-year commitment. We work one full day a week as a group on studio needs.  And a second day of the week alternates between individuals, group work, and independent projects .  There are also intermittent events, workshops, and or art fairs I will request your time and help with. The studio and your commitment here should be a top priority.  In applying for this position, take into account the expenses tied to living in a city.  I want your focus to be this assistantship & your studio time.

This exchange works best when each participant enters fully into the projects at the studio, whether they are related to the community, our smaller group, or personal in nature. Join this venture with all your energy and invest in those around you.

Starting Point- Please plan on starting your practice at the cone six firing temperature using an electric kiln.  You will be able to jump forward faster by putting tests in my firings and using the database of glazes that has been tested and documented. Once you are comfortable using my kilns and facilities you may ask to change gears and move in another direction. I have also developed a glaze resource you make take advantage of… The max temp the kilns may be fired to is Cone 6. You may use white to buff clay in the community studio area.  Stoneware, red or dark clay will need to stay in your personal space if that is your preference for your artwork.

Studio projects are never ending. The hours you spend working for me will include anything from mopping to weeding the garden, from rolling slabs to entering emails on my newsletter list serve, from talking with customers at events to recycling clay, from helping paint the walls to building carts, from tidying the studio to running errands to the clay supply stores, from working on the website to loading kilns, from spreading mulch in the garden to helping check the honey bees, from glaze testing to teaching classes in my absence… Many of the jobs require physical fitness, healthy wrists, and a strong back. We will all be loading kilns, hauling boxes and doing ladder work. These activities are a requirement of the job description.


Willing & able to use your phone

  • Facebook & Instagram Apps

  • Asana List Making App

  • Dropbox App

  • Google Drive App

Have your personal laptop present on work days

  • We will be all be working on computers. You will need your own for group, studio, and personal projects.

  • It would be helpful if you are familiar with MailChimp, Excel, Word, GoogleDrive, Buffer, Squarespace, Photoshop, iMovie, and others. If you are not this may be part of your instruction while you are here.

You will be working for up to 15 hours a week (average) with me in exchange for a studio space and guidance with your career/ artwork. For the most part, You will not be helping me make my work, but rather all the tasks required in making pottery for a living and managing the classes and classroom. You will also be asked to help with tasks relating to my home and landscape upkeep.  We will work as a group one day a week and individually on another day of the week.  We have a group meeting often on Tuesdays where requests are outlined, projects problem solved, and everyone makes sure they are on the same page.  This is also a time to ask questions and set up meetings with me for clarification, feedback on your work, or other concerns.

Our Exchange:

The list included below depends heavily on your personal commitment to seeking after each of these skills or experiences.
The more time you spend in the studio, the more you will gain from this experience.

We will have formal reviews. At these reviews you will be expected to have finished work and to show serious movement forward with your ideas. These will be a structured chance to ask questions, receive my input (or a guest critiques), seek resources, and check in on any concerns that are present. The first review will be a chance for you to give feedback on how the studio is fitting your needs, what you want to continue pursuing and other concerns.  At the first review I will also give feedback about how you are fitting into the studio.  I reserve the right to end the assistantship if I feel that it is not a good fit- in other words, if you are not working on your own work or I find you difficult to work with.

It is your personal motivation that will set the tone for your experience here and lead to your success. Regular feedback /critique/ instruction will be scheduled at your and my request. I want to meet with you.  I want to facilitate your experience. It is exciting for me to watch your ideas unfold. My instruction is not to teach you how to make my work.  The topics we cover will be set by your interests and work ethic.

Studio Space:
You will receive a semi-private space to work in and leave set up as your work area. During the holiday show or if I host a workshop, you may have to consolidate your space for a day or two. This work space will be available to you seven days a week from 8am-11:30pm. There is a teaching studio in part of the building where may spread out in when there are no classes.  You may only use this space if you are using a light colored/ white clay and you clean up thoroughly after each use.

Web / Social Media Presence:
Be part of our monthly newsletter and postings online
Write articles for the website blog
Make playlists for the studio Spotify Account
Help with and be promoted on the studio IG/ FB
Your website will be linked on my website
I will show your work in my slide talks at workshops
Possible feature in written publications

Introduction to the Seattle Clay Community
Free attendance (you’ll be helping out) at hosted events/ workshops
Studio visits with local artists
Guest Critiques (1-3) with visiting artists

Professional Experience:
Website Critiques with the group
Dialing in your artist statement, bio, & resume
Practice giving artist presentations
Mapping career options/ breaking down tasks
Sending/ maintaining email list on the MailChimp Platform
Setting up/ Advertising a home show/ studio sale (December)
Witness/ and some participation in teaching/ workshop/ presenting
Making a handout for a class
Packing and Shipping work to Galleries
Approaching/ maintaining gallery relationships
Broad exposure to the ceramic community in Seattle
Discussions/ directives for where to show your work
Promotion of your work
Managing deadlines
Working with a highly functioning team

You may use reclaim from the weekly classes
Yearly allotted AMACO Materials Stipend for each RCS Assistant
You may put tests and work into my kilns or class kilns when there is space,    *Otherwise all clay/ raw materials are available at cost
I will design/order you a 4″x 4″ color postcard once a year (100 count)


Making w/ Visiting Artist Jordan Jones

Making w/ Visiting Artist Jordan Jones

Finding a Place to Live in Seattle:
Seattle is not a cheap place to live.  Rent is high and in high demand.  Regularly a studio apartment in Seattle would run around $1000 a month or more.  Finding a room in a shared home will be your best option.  Another note…  Traffic here is tough.  Please find a space south of the city to avoid rush hour traffic.  The closer you are to White Center/ West Seattle/ Burien the better your regular travel to the studio will be.  I would be happy to talk more about these areas with you!  Learn more about the area!

“Get a Leg UP” – Alumni Award
$2000 awarded yearly to past assistants at Rat City Studios. ( Learn More! )

Fall 2020 Call for Exhibition Proposals – Morehead State University

Please email submissions to

The Caudill College Department of Art & Design at Morehead State University located in Morehead, Kentucky is seeking exhibition submissions from interested solo and group artists. Exhibitions will be held in Fall 2020 during the months of October and November. All media are eligible for consideration. Artists will be chosen in early May by the Gallery Director and the faculty of the Art & Design department.

The recently renovated three-level gallery features approximately 2500 square feet of quality exhibition space with a screening room to display new media.

Artists are responsible for the cost of delivery to and from the Golding-Yang Art Gallery. Some promotional expenses are covered depending on the needs of the artist.

Your submission should include the following:

  • Up to 10 high-quality images (NOTE: 1mb max per image)
  • ID List of Images: Title(s) of work, year completed, medium, size, retail price
  • Artist Statement
  • Current CV or Resume
  • Exhibition Proposal

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, April 30th

For questions and more information please contact Melissa Yungbluth, Gallery Director, at

call for entry: FUNCTION: LUNCHEON