movie day: Marie Woo

Marie Woo’s groundbreaking personal work, including vessels, sculptures, installations, and the creation of her signature and sought after glazes “Woo Blue” and “Woo Yellow,” achieve the often-elusive aspiration that drives many visual artists – honouring tradition while simultaneously pushing a form forward. Her work as a scholar, preservationist, curator, and educator have further influenced, sustained, and connected the field of ceramics.

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Directed by: Gold House Media

Produced by: Kresge Arts in Detroit, Ben Friedman, Lara Sfire

call for artists: National Clay Week Open Studios

In the spirit of celebrating clay we have decided to make Open Studio’s FREE. Head to their WEBSITE to sign up!

National Clay Week Open Studio (NCWOS) is a nationwide event that celebrates clay, community and creativity. Join us on the weekend of October 11 – 13, 2019 for a celebration of clay in all 50 states! Studios all over the country will open their doors for demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions.

— Save the dates and your dollars so you can take home a new favorite piece!

As a part of NCW 2019 we are going to host a nation wide open studio event. This event is based off the project that The Australian Ceramics Association has been doing for years. NCW will assist you with support materials, advertising, and graphics to help you promote your event. To help offset the cost of these materials we ask that all participants pay a small fee.

This year, in expanding Open Studio, it is our goal to reach out to different communities and share the joy we find working with clay. We would love to have you or your studio participate again this year, by holding a sale, a community day, a lecture, or any other clay related activity. You are welcome to invite other artists to your studio to help host the event but our goal is to reach the public outside of our normal clay community. Building on your input we have created a press packet with a logo/signage, a press release to send to your local media outlet and a few other information sheets to help with the process.