The People’s Cup Auction is LIVE!

The People’s Cup Auction is LIVE! Visit our feed @siltstudioltd to view all 47 cups on offer. Each cup closes at a designated time throughout the afternoon and evening of this Friday, July 10th. You can find essential auction details and rules in our IG Highlights. And stay tuned for more auctions to come over the summer as cups continue to roll into the studio for firing!

The People’s Cup is a community art project born out of the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a small business, we needed to find a way to keep our studio fires burning but we also wanted to offer creative respite and give back to the community in these challenging times.

Each cup was hand-thrown by Jay Kimball at SILT Studio, with the surfaces designed and carved by local artists/makers. Even if you didn’t carve a cup, you can be part of this project by purchasing a special piece to enjoy forever. This collection of cups will go out into the world, and each time they’re held in your hands or put to your lips, we hope they’ll remind you of the strength of community. We believe that the objects we choose to surround ourselves with can enhance the meaning of our lives. Beauty with purpose makes a difference.

50% of general auction proceeds will be shared between Carmichael Outreach and the Regina Food Bank. We believe in compensating artists for their labour, so for cups that are part of the Artist Series, 50% of all proceeds go to the artist who carved the design, unless they opted to donate their proceeds to charity which many have generously done.


movie day: Clay Chat with Shoji Satake

In 2019 Shoji completed a massive long-term collaboration with Chinese master craftsmen, students, and artists from the world over, culminating in KAPOW! Finding Heros in the Age of Trump. This exhibition hosted by Eutectic Gallery in September 2019 featured the products of this collaboration, exquisite porcelain vessels created according to millennium-old processes but emblazoned in the classic blue and white style with female comic book heroes rising up against the hate and misogyny of President Trump. Shoji recently released a new round of works from this project, including polychrome jars and Trump ash trays. Listen in as Shoji takes us deeper into the project, its inspiration, and his hopes for the future.

View the exhibition HERE.

View more of Shoji Satake’s work on his website:

movie day: Jabulile Nala: The Zulu Beer Pot

“An interview with Jabulile Nala, South African potter. A Gathering of Voices: Folk Art from the Judith Espinar and Tom Dillenberg Collection December 16, 2018 – September 8, 2019
A Gathering of Voices celebrates the promised gift of the folk art collection of Judith Espinar and Tom Dillenberg. Comprising primarily ceramic traditions from Mexico, Spain, France, Hungary, Morocco, and numerous other countries, the collection also includes rich holdings of New Mexico santos, Latin American retablos, and metalwork, furniture and textiles from around the world. The exhibition brings together the various voices of international cultures and living traditions, through the vision of one collector. The unique installation of A Gathering of Voices reflects how Espinar has lived with folk art, animating the objects through groupings that guide the viewer to cross-cultural comparisons of certain motifs, forms, or techniques. These “inhabited spaces” are re-created in the gallery, along with deeper investigations of individual artists, their workshops, or the traditions they keep alive. Judith Espinar was one of the cofounders of the International Folk Art Market, which was established in 2004 and is today the largest event of its kind focused on the work of master folk artists. She previously worked in the fashion industry in New York for more than 30 years, before moving to Santa Fe, where she owned and operated the longtime Santa Fe ceramic store The Clay Angel.”…

technical tuesday: Woodfiring Workshop at River Song Pottery

This short film is about a woodfiring workshop I participated in at River Song Pottery in October of 2019, which was led by Amy Song and Jon Pacheco. Over the course of the four-day workshop, we applied glazes, slips, and wadding to our bisqueware, loaded the train kiln with a couple hundred pieces, and stoked the kiln through its multi-day firing cycle. The workshop proved incredibly informative, was full of laughs, and brought together many wonderful artists from the greater Chicago area. I feel incredibly grateful to have had this opportunity, and hope you enjoy this short video!
To learn more about Amy or Jon, consider visiting:
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