Sergei Isupov – The Narrative Cup Workshop

Join internationally acclaimed sculptor Sergei Isupov for a livestream demonstration titled The Narrative Cup. The program will include a 1.5 hour demonstration, followed by a half-hour Question and Answer session.  The demonstration will cover techniques of slab construction and manipulation, underglaze painting, and glaze application. Sergei will discuss using the full surface of the cup to illustrate a personal narrative.  

The demonstration will take place on Zoom. Participation will be limited to 50 attendees.  A link will be sent out to participants after they have registered and purchased a ticket. Two identical sessions will be offered of The Narrative Cup to allow participants to watch and participate live from various time zones. Session one will be on Friday January 22nd, 2021 at 6PM EST (New York). Session two will be on Saturday January 23, 2021 at 12 p.m. EST (New York). A recorded, edited version will be available as well. To find the corresponding time in your city, please check this world clock website.

Click HERE to sign up and learn more.


Help POT Get Through The Next 6 Months!


POT is the first full service community pottery studio that is owned, operated by, and intended for people of color.  Established in 2017, our mission is to create pleasure, community, and new career paths for POC in pottery. We offer classes, memberships, career training, sliding scale pricing, community programming, and even free workshops for our communities.

This pandemic has been really hard on small business brick & mortars, and given that we have two, we are double feeling it. We cannot afford the staffing it takes two run two studios while operating at 20% capacity. We’ve tried our best to stay afloat on our own, but we’ve exhausted all we have and cannot sustain like this through extended closures.  So we’re asking for help to get us through the next 6 months.

During this time we will continue to work hard within the parameters of what is COVID-compliant and safest for our staff and community.  All the money we make will go towards JOBS; both payroll and hiring the hands we need.

Our goal is to keep POT alive so that we can keep our studios and team and continue to serve our communities.


If you have lost employment or are hard up on money, please don’t feel pressure to donate. You are who we are here to serve. Simply sharing and spreading word is help enough and we really appreciate it.

This ask is for those who can afford it, organizations who want to see us survive, and for the larger pottery community.

The money will go directly to covering the following for 6 months:

– Rent (for TWO studios)

– Cleaning Service (COVID-compliant for TWO studios)

– Utilities (Includes water, power, trash, and wifi for TWO studios)

– Completing the build-out of POT Gardens. This includes outdoor workspace, wedging tables, and a clay recycling station.

Thank you so much for being a supporter of the arts and POT’s mission!

Support the GO FUND ME HERE or support them directly through their WEBSITE.

Upcoming workshops @ Fogo Clay Studio

Our Pottery Workshops are a unique experience, whether you are a beginner looking to discover a new world, an intermediate potter seeking a focused time to create with a built-in mentor, or a master potter who has long hoped to work on a personal project in a welcoming studio at the edge of the world.

Workshops run Monday to Friday. You will arrive Sunday in the late afternoon or early evening and leave on Saturday morning after breakfast. You will be welcomed to our private residence next to the Studio. Meet your instructor and other participants over supper while taking in views of Fogo Harbour. Monday morning, breakfast will be at 8:00 am and we will be in the studio at 9:00 am. If you’re an early riser we encourage you to enjoy any of Fogo Island’s hiking trails before breakfast. There are four to five hours of instruction each day punctuated by dinner (Newfoundland for ‘Lunch’). After your class you can choose to spend more time in the studio or go for an excursion, it’s up to you. The studio will be open to you 12 hours a day during your stay. Suppers are made from scratch featuring local and seasonal fare, wine is included. There are sometimes visitors who drop in to join us. Thursday evening you will take supper ‘out’ somewhere on the island. Depart Saturday morning after a solid breakfast, feeling a little sad to leave new friends, and already scheming how to return (that’s what happens here).

If you are from outside of Newfoundland and wish to book a spot, you will be fully reimbursed if the province of Newfoundland does not open up before your scheduled workshop date. If Newfoundland does not open up we will still offer the workshops to Newfoundlanders but out of province instructors may not be able to come. If that is the case, Sarah Fulford will host the workshop in their place.

Dates Of Availability for 2021:

June 20-26 (Sarah Fulford)

July 18-24 (TBD)

August 15-21 (Tony Clennell)

September 12-18 (Carolynne Pynn-Trudeau)

October 17-23 (Joan Bruneau)

November 14-20 (Sarah Fulford)

Find more info and registration details HERE.

Online classes and workshops @ Harvard

The Ceramics Program, Office for the Arts at Harvard is offering a range of online classes and workshops for spring 2021.
Registration for these programs is open to anyone over the age of 18, anywhere in the world. Choose from more than 20 different topics to explore from home, including hand building, flameware, sculpting from observation, bookmaking, experimental photography on clay, glaze chemistry, tile design, and much, much more!

Visit the Ceramics Program website for details and a list of current classes and workshops []