emerging artist: Mónica Guerrero

Artist’s Statement
I believe every object, no matter
its humble function, may also serve as art. So, while I enjoy creating
something where the primary purpose is to provide beauty, I
favor that which provides practical utility. I hope my pots and
tableware are used daily.  
My pieces tend to depict a
narrative. I use different techniques, each a form of drawing—sgraffito, carving, slip trailing and painting—that
differ depending on the story or vignette I want to tell.  I
use free hand, which allows for spontaneous detail or for me to
change the original thought.
The ideas for my designs
come from many sources —nature, my background as a Peruvian Latin
American Art Historian, ethnic art from around the world, children’s book
illustrations, animation and cartoons. These influences can be seen throughout
my work in subtle or overt ways. I fixate on a number of details—I
have a constant fight, for example, with my tendency to respond to horror vacui.