movie day: Leaven by Gaia Alari

Short film in clay animation designed and directed by one person only.
It is an experimental animation that explores the role of women within a traditional family (symbolic), and how self sacrifice is accepted and considered a duty for a woman by those who surround her.

Design, animation and direction: Gaia Alari

Music by Alessandro Scarlatti

movie day: On the Other Side of the Woods / Teisel pool metsa

On the Other Side of the Woods / Teisel pool metsa from Anu-Laura Tuttelberg on Vimeo.

short stop motion film with puppets made from clay and wood. The film
is shot with natural sunlight coming from the windows of the atelier
which is the setting for the film. The story is inspired by fairy tales.

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Director, set designer, cinematographer: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg
Animator: Olga Bulgakova
Composer: Sander Põldsaar
Sound Designer: Horret Kuus
Producer: Anu-Laura Tuttelberg, Nukufilm studio, Estonian Academy of Arts

movie day: Experimental animation meets pottery

Experimental animation meets pottery from Crafts Council on Vimeo.

A film by Jim Le Fevre, Mike Paterson and Roops and Al Johnstone (RAMP ceramics), commissioned by the Crafts Council.

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