The Successor of Kakiemon from Submarine on Vimeo.

‘The Story of the Kakiemon Porcelain Dynasty’

How does one take over a company that is four centuries old and has
been run by one’s father, his father’s father and so on. Here is the
unique story of such a time capsule where we witness how a modern-day
Japanese family that has transformed everyday pottery into the world
famous mythical Kakiemon porcelain and preserves its traditions, now
passes on the leadership to their only son. Is he up to the task that
lies ahead? What’s at stake if this successor does not succeed?

Kakiemon, one of the most refined types of porcelain, was developed
in the 17th century by ceramist Sakaida Kakiemon. Today, the production,
entirely handmade and handpainted is still owned by his direct
descendants. Keeping this tradition alive is more than just reproducing
craft. It is somewhat a statement against modernity end massproduction.
After periods of isolation and expansion, wars, nuclear bombs and now a
devastating earthquake, this Japanese family is clinging to tradition –
no matter how fragile it is.