Who may apply?

Art / craft / design mediation professionals from abroad such as:
  • curators,
  • critics,
  • academic researchers,
  • journalists
  • etc.
may apply for funding for travel to and accommodation in Denmark.
Students and design schools may not apply.
Craftsmen and designers may only apply, if they can
document significant curatorial or other above mentioned  professional
The research programme is primarily aimed at
applicants who already have contacts on the Danish art scene or
candidates who wish to develop a project involving specific Danish
artists or institutions. Applicants must be able to organise meetings
with institutions/craftsmen/designers and studio visits on their own.
Please note: The Danish Arts Foundation is obliged to publish the names of all applicants.

Purpose of the program

  • To provide
    art/craft/design mediation professionals from abroad with the
    opportunity to acquire an insight into the contemporary Danish craft and
    design scene.
  • To strengthen networking and dialogue between the Danish and international craft and design scenes.

Full details here: http://www.kunst.dk/english/funding/subsidies/tilskud/international-research-visit-crafts-and-design/