“Clay has been the material which has given Rayaduradesandía the freedom necessary to carry out its imaginative creations since the beginning of its sculpturing. The consistency in its career is exemplified by the pure use of the material in regards to its colour, mainly white and black, and by the search of a language which has been filling with content as time goes by.

The work that herein is presented renews the traditional decorative ceramic of the coldest style of Kitsch, with an aggressive and dark intimacy which takes us to a detail of Bosco’s art or an oneiric-surrealistic still life with pure contemporaneous touches, as if its pieces of work came out of a street wall to become alive. The animal side, the rational side, the contradictions of the human soul, all materialize with strength and purity in its modellings, which immediately shock the expectator, transmiting pasion, courage and positivity to face the personal and general apathy around us.” – María Blázquez, Artist and Art Historian