30 X 5: Americano Invitational OPENS TOMORROW

Americano is bigger than Demitasse but smaller than mug, with a handle and room for cream
and sweetener. Like a Yunomi for informal tea drinking, the Americano
is made for daily informal coffee drinking at home and work.

Participating Artists: Posey Bacopoulos, Ben Bates, Karl
Borgeson, Robert Briscoe, Billy Cho, Bede Clarke, David Crane, Josh
DeWeese, Mark Digeros, Carole Epp, Mike Gesiakowski, Bruce Gholson,
Steve Hansen, Samantha Henneke, Autumn Higgins, Meredith Host, Michael
Hunt and Naomi Dalglish, Matt Kelleher, Kristen Kieffer, Michael Kline,
Justin Lambert, Simon Levin, Brenda Lichman, Lorna Meaden, Matthew Metz,
Jeff Oestreich, Shoko Teruyama, Bill Wilkey, Tara Wilson.

currently @ Akar


Participating Artists I Katriona Drijber I Adam Field I Maggie Finlayson I Lauren Gallaspy I Andrew Gilliatt I Tom Jaszczak I Heesoo Lee I Steven Lee I Kwok Pong Tso I Bill Wilkey




New work: Kenyon Hansen  I  Featured artist: Wayne Branum




one more sleep till the AKAR Yunomi Invitational (I will dream of Yunomies tonight)

Upcoming Show: May 15
2015 Yunomi Invitational (Online Only!) 

Yunomi (U-know-me)- A form of teacup, typically made of ceramic
material, being taller than wide, with a trimmed or turned foot. Unlike
the more formal chawan tea bowl which is used during the Japanese tea
ceremony, the Yunomi tea bowl is made for daily (or informal) tea

The Countdown Has Begun!

The Yunomi Invitational is only a few days away! As the
gallery puts the final touches on the 2015 Yunomi Invitational, we want
to make sure you feel prepared for the show, too. This is our largest
annual show – this year we have a total of 1,030 Yunomi.

For the seventh consecutive year, artists have elected to donate
portions of their sales to The Studio Potter, a non-profit organization
dedicated to all things clay. Of our 206 participating artists, 139
individuals are donating from a total of 245 yunomi!

With a show of this grand scale, we thought a few tips
and hints might help to make your online Yunomi experience pleasant and
seamless. Please remember this is an online event only, therefore
phones lines may be very busy. Send us an email at akargallery@gmail.com and we will do our best to respond quickly. This Friday, May 15, at 10:00 AM Central Time all Yunomi will be available at www.akardesign.com.

Tips for a Successful Yunomi Experience:

You will need to create an account at www.akardesign.com if you want to be ready to make a request when the 2015 Yunomi appear this Friday at 10:00 AM Central Time. If you have already registered on our website, be sure your account information is current.

To register as a new customer visit your account login https://www.akardesign.com/account/login.asp page.
Submit your email and password, and then fill out your account
information. You will not need your credit card information to register.

After you’ve created your account, you can immediately
browse the site and pick products from our selection of artists and
designers. If you find an artist on the 2015 Yunomi list above whose
work you like, consider book marking his/her artist page. When the new
Yunomi appear, you’ll save precious moments as other customers race to
find and purchase their own favorites.

When you click a product on our website, a pop-up window
will appear with more photos and a more detailed description of the
item. To reserve a Yunomi or another product, simply click the BUY
button in the bottom right corner of the pop-up window. On the next
page, click the submit button to put in a purchase request for the item.
When a piece has been requested and submitted an orange dot will appear
by the product. If multiple requests come in for an item, the request
with the earliest timestamp will be honored.

After we approve your purchase request, you will receive
an email that confirms your order. At this time you will have 24 hours
to visit the site and purchase your item (now you will need credit card
information) before it is released. After your purchase is complete a
red dot will appear by each product indicating it has been sold. 

Orders will be shipped in order recived.
Shiping charges are figured on 15% of the total perchase price, with a
minimun of $12 USD. All shipments are double boxed and are insured
through UPS or USPS.

If you have questions about the ordering process or the 2015 Yunomi Invitational, please call the gallery at (319)351-1227 or email akargallery@gmail.com.

List of Artists:

Ted Adler, Jake Allee, Dan Anderson, Nicole Aquillano,
Linda Arbuckle, Robert Archambeau, AJ Argentina, Posey Bacopoulos,
William Baker, Mary Barringer, Kirsten Bassion, Ben Bates, Hayne,
Bayless, Nicholas Bernard, Andrzej Bero, Douglas Black, Zygote Blum,
David Bolton, Catherine, Boswell, Brooks Bouwkamp, Lynn Smiser Bowers,
Jeni Brant, Wayne Branum, Cynthia Bringle, Robert Briscoe, Jeff Brown,
Lisa Buck, Richard Burkett, Elizabeth Burritt, Peter Callas, Jeff
Campana, Chris Campbell, Kyle Carpenter, Pattie Chalmers, Mike
Chappell, Billy Cho, Victoria Christen, Linda Christianson, Mark
Chuck, Sam Chung, Antonella Cimatti, Benjamin Cirgin, Bede Clarke,
Tony Clennell, Sunshine Cobb, Greg Cochenet, Steven Colby, Mark Cole,
Elaine Coleman, Tom Coleman, Josh Copus, Michael Corney, Julie
Covington, David Crane, Guillermo Cuellar, Carolanne Currier, Israel
Davis, Nick DeVries, Josh Deweese, Susan Dewsnap, Marc Digeros, Dawn
Dishaw, Judith Duff, Robin DuPont, Sanam Emami, Carole Epp, Jana Evans,
Mark Errol,, Adam Field, Susan Filley, Donna Flanery, Jessica Fong,
Yoshi Fujii, Nancy Gardner, Shiloh Gastello, Michael Gesiakowski, Bruce
Gholson, Rolando Giovannini, John Glick, Lisa Gluckin, Silvie
Granatelli, Julie Guyot, Kenyon Hansen, Steve Hansen, Phil Haralam,
Julie Harbers, Mike Helke, Samantha Henneke, Fred Herbst, Jason Hess,
Autumn Higgins, Steven Hill, Chuck Hindes, Samuel Hoffman, Harlan
House, Michael Hunt & Naomi Dalglish, Bob and Cheryl Husby,
Matthew Hyleck, Tom Jaszczak, Kyle Johns, Peter Karner, Ani Kasten,
Matt Kelleher, Gail Kendall, Kristen Kieffer, Jeffery Kleckner, Michael
Kline, Rob Kolhouse, Lucien Koonce, Matthew Krousey, Eva Kwong, Tim
Lake, Justin Lambert, Laurie Landry, Martina Lantin, Robert
Lawarre, Steven Lee, Dick Lehman, Forrest Lesch-Middelton, Simon
Levin, Levin/Smith Collaborative, Brenda Lichman, Suze Lindsay, Chris
Lively, Kirk Mangus, Sarah-Anne Marraffino, Mike Martino, Shadow May,
Matthew McGovern, Kent McLaughlin, Lorna Meaden, Christopher Melia,
Jennifer Mendes, Didem Mert, Matthew Metz, Ron Meyers, Megan Mitchell,
Sebastian Moh, Ryan Myers, Mark Nafziger, Ted Neal, Karen Newgard, Amy
Nichols, Sarah Nikitopoulos, Brooke Noble, Sean O’Connell, Lindsay
Oesterritter, Jeff Oestreich, Deb Oliva, Gillian Parke, Lisa Pedolsky,
Doug Peltzman, Ian Pemberton, Richard Peterson, Ronan Kyle Peterson,
Ron Philbeck, Carla Prinster, Liz Quackenbush, Patrick Rademaker, Beau
Raymond, Don Reynolds, Barry Rhodes, Stephen Rosini, Audrey Rosulek,
Justin Rothshank, Tim Rowan, Matt Rude, Akira Satake, Deborah
Schwartzkopf, Brad Schwieger, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Nancy
Selvin, Laurie Shaman, Ellen Shankin, Jeff Shapiro, Joey Sheehan,
Grace Sheese, Jana Shimonov Ceramics, Amy Smith, Stacy Snyder, Stacey
Stanhope, Tyler Stoll, Mike Strumbras, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Angelique
Tassistro, Charlie Tefft, Al Tennant, Shoko Teruyama, Steve Theberge,
John Tilton, Sandra Torres, Rimas VisGirda, Lars Volts, Mikey Walsh,
Julia Walther, Logan Wannamaker, Shane Weaver, Kurt Webb, Adero Willard,
Elenor Wilson, Lana Wilson, Tara Wilson, Matt Wilt, Shumpei Yamaki,
Gwendolyn Yoppolo, Casey Zablocki

Artists Photographed Above:

(Top Row) Jake Allee, Dick Lehman, Ryan Myers, Karen Newgard, Al Tennant, Sandra Torres, Ellen Shankin, Logan Wannamaker (Middle Row) Linda
Arbuckle, Sarah-Anne Marraffino, Megan Mitchell, Shumpei Yamaki, Liz
Zlot Summerfield, Deborah Schwartzkopf, Tara Wilson, Matt Wilt
(Bottom Row) Grace Sheese, Steve Theberge, Shadow May, Deb Oliva, Yoko Sekino-Bove, Lars Voltz, Elenor Wilson, Jana Shimonov