Southern Crossings Pottery Festival

Southern Crossings Pottery Festival’s focus is on the significance of handmade pottery by celebrating the object, it’s maker, and the utilitarian use in nourishing ourselves and those around us.

Our mission is to introduce to you, our Ohio River Valley communities, collectors, pottery enthusiasts and the curious, to local and regional potters, as well as several nationally recognized potters. The two-day festival includes a market consisting of handmade goods and functional wares, and an Empty Bowls fundraising event benefiting A Recipe To End Hunger — a non-profit organization solving childhood hunger one meal at a time in Kentuckiana.

In the years to come we envision hands on activities, lectures, and exhibitions with other local clay organizations, universities, galleries and museums while creating an event that celebrates how clay and pottery, by design, connects us all.

March 2nd and 3rd, 2018

SXPF Potters Market

Friday, March 2, 2018

VIP Sneak Preview & First Pick (Ticketed Event)   •   5:00 – 6:00 PM
VIP ticket holders will have access to see and purchase the work of 9 esteemed potters prior
to the opening reception. Complimentary Copper and King signature cocktail provided by SXPF for
our VIP along with a cash bar, hors d’oeuvres, and live entertainment.
Located at Copper & Kings, 2nd Floor
1121 E Washington St, Louisville, KY 40206

Purchase VIP Tickets here (coming soon!)

Opening Reception (FREE)   •   6:00 – 9:00 PM
Open and free to the public. Come see and shop the work of 9 esteemed potters.
Cash bar, hors d’oeuvres, and live entertainment.
Located at Copper & Kings, 2nd Floor
1121 E Washington St, Louisville, KY 40206

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Pottery Market (FREE)   •   10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Open and free to the public. Come see and shop the work of 9 esteemed potters.
Located at Copper & Kings, 2nd Floor
1121 E Washington St, Louisville, KY 40206

2018 Artists: Jason Bige Burnett, Kyle Carpenter, Didem Mert, Jim Gottuso, Amy Chase, Steven G Cheek, David Kenton Kring, Amelia Stamps, Lindsay Oesterritter

Full details on their website:

movie day: Brendan Lee Satish Tang

A household name in the Canadian ceramic scene, Brendan Tang is finishing up a residency at the Burrard Arts Foundation which surprisingly takes him a step away from the work he’s gained so much recognition for. It’s always exciting to watch established artists take risks and challenge themselves, and their audiences, creatively. Make sure to catch his latest exhibition, opening this thursday the 11th and running till March 10th. There’s a great write up on the Burrard Arts Foundation site about this new series and some background for those new to his work.


CBC Arts also recently caught up with the artist in his studio in Vancouver. Make sure not to miss this behind the scenes look at Tang’s Manga Ormolu series and how it lead him to his new cloud series meatspace at Burrard Arts Foundation. And check out more of Brendan’s work on his website.


Anatomy of a Collector @ Tom Thompson Art Gallery

Gary Merkel

Steve Irvine

The TOM is pleased to present Anatomy of a Collector, a major exhibition featuring significant works of Contemporary Canadian Ceramics curated from seven collectors across North America. Guest Curator Brian Cooke, Manager and Curator at Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery in London, Ontario invites viewers into the world of collecting. Why do people collect art? How do they choose what to collect? Anatomy of a Collector will focus on Contemporary Canadian Ceramics but also illustrates what happens when opportunity and desire converge.

Anatomy of a Collector
Artist list

Kirsten Abrahamson – Ontario / Robert Archambeau – Manitoba / Alan Burgess – British Columbia / Mimi Cabri RCA – Ontario / Keith Campbell Ontario / Walter Dexter RCA 1931-2015 – British Columbia / Angelo di Petta – Ontario / Heather Driver-Kerslake – Ontario / Jose Drouin – Quebec / Darren Emenau – New Brunswick / Carole Epp – Saskatchewan / Marianne Fisher – Ontario / Michael Flaherty – Newfoundland / Mary Fox – British Columbia / Ruth Gowdy-McKinley RCA 1931-1981 – Ontario / Goyer Bonneau RCA – Quebec / Sue Hara – British Columbia / Susan & Theo Harlander – Ontario / Robin Hopper RCA 1939-2017 – British Columbia / Harlan House RCA – Ontario / Gordon Hutchens – British Columbia / Steve Irvine – Ontario / Denys James – British Columbia / Thomas Kakanuma 1908-1981 – British Columbia / Audrey Killoran – Quebec / John Kurok – Rankin Inlet / Les Manning CM – Alberta / Mayta Markson RCA – Ontario / Mayta Mathison – British Columbia / Gary Merkel – British Columbia / Sally Michener RCA – British Columbia / ZusZsa Monostory – Ontario / Ann Mortimer CM RCA – Ontario / Dean Mullavey 1927-2015 – Quebec / Diane Nasr – Ontario / Grace Nickel RCA – Manitoba / Ingrid Nicolai – Quebec / Shane Norrie – Ontario / Kayo O’Young – Ontario / Maja Padrov – New Brunswick / Jan Phalan – Ontario / Peter Powning RCA – New Brunswick / Bernadette Pratt – Ontario / Ann Roberts RCA – Ontario / Anita Rocamora – Saskatchewan / Laurie Rolland RCA – British Columbia / Carol Rossman – Ontario / Ron Roy – Ontario / Maurice Savoie CM RCA 1930-2013 – Quebec / George Shadford – Ontario / Sing Ying Ho – Ontario / Tom Smith RCA 1933-2015 – New Brunswick / Kevin Stafford – Manitoba / Bruce Taylor – Ontario / Peter Thomas – New Brunswick / Barbara Tipton – Alberta / Vera Vicente – Quebec / Joyce Wheatley – Ontario / Liz Willoughby – Ontario