have you joined the make and do #cdnclaydirectory yet?

I’m going to be presenting at NCECA this year and part of the images that will be on the screen behind me will be taken directly from the Make and Do #CDNclaydirectory So if you want a chance to show off your work at NCECA – Put it on the Directory!!!

Please and thank you!
And thank you for helping to share this link to other ceramic artists.

Je présenterai cette année à la NCECA et une partie des images qui figureront à l’écran derrière moi seront directement extraites du répertoire Make and Do #CDNclay Donc, si vous voulez avoir une chance de montrer votre travail au NCECA – Mettez-le sur le répertoire !!!

S’il te plaît et merci!

Et merci d’avoir aidé à partager ce lien avec d’autres artistes céramistes.


Happy New Year!

Happiest of new year wishes to all of you!

I’m gonna try not to get all sentimental here but I really want to say how much this community means to me and how honored I am to play even a small role contributing to the success of artists in the ceramic field. Throughout the year I get messages that literally bring me to tears (happy tears!) from some of you and I thank you for that.

Musing about mud is headed into its 13th year 😲😲😲 and really it’s thanks to you all that it’s still up and running. There may be some changes a foot this year as I am taking on a huge curatorial project but I promise you 13 won’t be an unlucky number for musing. So please keep sending in content, help me out by sharing content you love from the blog and above all else just keep being awesome.

Much love to all of you, but especially to @richardnickel cuz he designed me this awesome logo for musing. And yes it will be in the t-shirt shop very soon 😉


movie day: Jaipur | Indian Ceramics Triennale | Jawahar Kala Kendra | Auroville |OutreachMedia

These days, the Jawahar Kala Kendra (JKK), Jaipur, has become a laboratory of sorts for ceramic artists. A ten-feet-long mud house to be built and fired on-site, a collaborative project involving sound, a performance-based work, objects embedded with QR codes–these are just some of the contemporary works that will nudge you into engaging with ceramics differently. As the JKK in collaboration with the Contemporary Clay Foundation gets set to present the first ever Indian Ceramics Triennale—Breaking Ground—featuring 35 Indian and 12 international artist projects, 10 collaborations, 12 speakers, a symposium, film screenings and workshops, one wonders if this event signifies a major shift in the field—one which allows ceramics to be appreciated as an art form in its own right, as opposed to being viewed solely as an artisanal craft.


save the date and register now for New Clay Conference!

Full details are found on their site, but basically it’s going to be a three-day long conference with demos by Naomi Clement, Jason Burnett and Carole Epp, alongside panel discussions, artists talks, exhibitions and social events!

Follow them on Facebook, Instagram and at their website for more details and updates leading up to the event.

Also there is a call for you to get involved with a conference studio tour and exhibitions:

Conference Tour

“One of the goals to the New Clay Conference is to strengthen our clay community and highlight all of the great clay going on already.

We are inviting local studios, galleries and artists to get involved by adding yourselves to our tour.  Leading up to and during the weekend we are encouraging our participants to tour all of the great clay in Ottawa.  We are partnering with a variety of galleries and studios that are going to host exhibitions in cooperation with the New Clay Conference.  If you have a studio or gallery in Ottawa and surrounding area and there are ceramic artists involved we want to hear from you.  You do not need to host a special exhibition, if you already have something in your gallery let us know and we can share that here.  No gallery space but you have a studio that is open to the public? Let us know that too.  We really want to create the ultimate list of studios and galleries in Ottawa that are opening their doors to visitors during the New Clay Conference.  Saturday and Sunday we are going to keep our participants pretty busy so we hope that your study/galleries are open leading up to the weekend as well.”

Please email us:

Studio/Gallery name



What is going on that weekend: Do you already have scheduled exhibition we can promote? Would you like to do something special for The New Clay Conference? Perhaps this would be a great opportunity to do that ceramics show you have been thinking about for years.

Don’t have a studio or gallery but have a great idea for a themed or group exhibition? Please get in touch with us, we would love to help you find a venue to make your exhibition happen.

Don’t have an idea for an exhibition but have a space you would like to offer up for the weekend? Please contact us and we will match you up with some great art!  Does not need to be a conventional gallery space, coffee shops, restaurants, retail stores and more can make the perfect exhibition space.

Full details about participating here.