Deadline: June 1, 2018

The Alberta Craft Council is calling for exhibition proposals for the 2019 line-up of the Alberta Craft Gallery – Edmonton & Calgary.  The exhibition spaces are dedicated to showcasing work by emerging, mid-career, and established craft artists.  The Exhibition Team is looking for well-developed themes that highlight mastery in craftsmanship, features new work, pushes the boundaries of craft, and/or celebrates the achievements of our members.  Exhibitions can be individual or group shows.

Submission Content:

  •  Cover Letter that includes:
    – contact information
    – detailed description and theme of the exhibition
    – number of pieces/artists in or expected to participate in the exhibition
    – time of year preferred
  • Current ACC Membership
  • Current CV – artist resume
  • Artist Biography
  • Images and image list
    – high quality images of work to be presented in the exhibition or representatie of the work
    – images list must include: title, year created, dimensions, materials and techniques


Please contact Joanne Hamel, Exhibition Lead
Phone: 780-488-6611 ext. 234

Submit your proposal to:

job posting: AB Craft Council Gallery

Gallery Staff
Part-time job
Competition deadline: March 30, 2017 | Start date: May or June 2017

All three positions will share duties and schedules, and will be hired
to work as a team. One position will be focused on exhibitions. Another
will be focused on retail marketing and sales. The third position will
be focused on communications, media relations and events. All three will
work closely with ACC’s provincial staff.

Full job posting:

10186 106 St NW
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 1H4

Artist Spotlight @ Alberta Craft Council with Connie Cooper

As time goes on, I find that it is important to slow down, to
simplify and keep to what is important to me. As my life is reflected in
what I make, the pieces are simple, with less surface decoration and
more attention to form, texture, colour and material interaction in

A trip to Iceland, where the landscape is igneous,
textural and pristine, has renewed my interest in geology and landscape.
Mined from the earth and transformed by fire and heat, clay and glaze
minerals were the first materials synthesized by man. Drawn in part by
this interest to work with clay, my intent is to reference and reflect
this inspiration
. – Connie Cooper (Calgary)