For the Love of Craft: A Fine Craft Charity Auction to help save Craft Ontario

Acclaimed Canadian Craftspeople are offering their work to help save Craft Ontario, a 41 year-old professional association in support of professional craftspeople. For the Love of Craft is an online auction organized by friends and volunteers of Craft Ontario, to help keep the organization afloat. Twenty-one award winning, and highly accomplished craftspeople have joined the auction making this a rare opportunity for Craft collectors. Take advantage of this unique opportunity, while supporting Craft Ontario.

The auction can be found online at:

Auction Ends February 15th 2018

A public closing reception will be held at Craft Ontario:
Thursday, February 15th, 5pm-7pm

For viewing the work in person, the auction is currently on exhibition at:
Craft Ontario, 1106 Queen St. West in Toronto.

The highly decorated list of makers includes: Beth Alber, Lois Etherington Betteridge, Mimi Cabri, Dorothy Caldwell, Kai Chan, Susan Collett, Peter Fleming, Michael Fortune, Sarah Hall, Steve Heinemann, Stephen Hogbin, Robert Jekyll, Susan Warner Keene, Susan Low Beer, Paul McClure, Matthias Ostermann, Ann Roberts, Karl Schantz, Susan Rankin, Don Stuart, and Judith Tinkl. Among them, Eight are honoured recipients of The Saidye Bronfman Award, Canada’s national award for fine craft. The roster also includes Twelve inductees to the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts Foundation (RCA).

“Craft Ontario was absolutely instrumental to my development and success as a designer and craftsperson, and I am proud to donate a signed piece on behalf of the organization that has nurtured, supported and stimulated me over more than four decades.” says Michael Fortune, Furniture Designer and Maker, Craft Ontario Member since 1974.

Please get in touch at or 416-925-4222 x 225.

Potters for Pulse launches this friday.

Live Friday June 24th at 6pm CST 

Chuck Purviance (Director) – “Potters For Pulse (#PottersForPulse)
will be a two-part fundraiser event for the victims and families of
those affected by the tragedy that happened at Pulse night club in
Orlando Florida on June 12, 2016. I am organizing and reaching out to my
colleagues in the art community to help with donations of works for
sale and auction, advice or words of wisdom, donation of time to help
with events, websites, promotion, and other details.

The proceeds will go to the Orlando Pulse Go Fund Me page (
I understand that it is taking on a lot, but it will be nothing
compared to what the people affected by these events are experiencing.
Bringing people together and collaborating with
others has always been my passion, and to me, making the world a more
understanding and tolerant place for everyone is an inherent part of the
role of any artist.

While at undergrad at Edinboro University
in Pennsylvania, I received my BFA in ceramics. I was also the
president of the LGBTQIA club on campus for over 2 years. I have been
passionate about equality for years and for many reasons. My two best
friends could have been at that club. I could have been at that club or
one like it in my area. On the night of the 12th I was at Pittsburgh
Pride dancing that night away covered in glitter and being surrounded by
people being exactly who they are: good human beings. It isn’t fair
that we were experiencing such a joyful moment when 1,000 miles away,
people just like us were suddenly under attacked. This could have been
any LGBTQIA establishment in any town, any city, any country.

The world needs to know that this is not okay! That the masses are not
okay with this! That terror will never win nor keep us down for long. I
want to do more than sit around and send out good vibes. I want to take
action. I want to give hope and show that there are so many more good
people in this world than bad people. The actions of one, no matter how
bad, can never outdo the actions of many who choose to do the right
thing. This is why I am putting my energy into this event.

this is what I intend to do with the skills I have developed through
school, friends, mentors, and my time on this earth. This is what I hope
others will feel and agree with when helping out with the event. Thank
you all for your support and donations. Thank you all for sharing and
participating, and for proving that the good in this world will always
outweigh the bad.”

Below are some of the amazing pieces donated:

Full list of participating artists (subject to change):

Travis Winters, Missy Steel, Amanda Barr, Neil Symak, Brock
Flamion, Jenna Sue Vanden Brink, Stephanie Wilhelm, Didem Mert, Rich Peterson, Sara
Catapano, Ron Geibel, Luke Doyle, Dallas Wooten, Carole Epp, Kodi Thompson, Ben
Carter, Ryan Rakhshan, Justin Rothshank, Rob Cartelli, Julia Claire Weber, Nicole
Paulina, Shane Weaver,
Marney McDiarmid, Kieth Hershbuger, Adriana Christianson, Vipoo Srivilasa, Melanie
Sherman, Royce Hilderbrand, Gratia Brown, Garth Johnson, Jocelyn Howard,
Aurthur Halverson, Luke Huling, Joshua Paul Hebbert , Lauren Gallaspy, Nicole
Aquilano, Ashley Bevington, Liana Agnew, Adam Youngbluth, Mellisa Youngbluth, Nick
Moen, Jess Verde, Tim See, Kari Radasch, Ian F Thomas, Matt George, Christine
Longoria, GV Kelly, Alex Kraft, Patrick Rademaker, Jessica Putnum Phillips,
Myka Hayden, Chris Chaney, Rachel Donner, Bianka Groves, Taylor Robenal, Geno
Boni, Haakon Lenzi, Frederic Vernon, Cathy Terepocki

Resident Artists Exhibition, Visiting Artists and 65th Anniversary Benefit Auction @ the BRAY

2016 Summer at the Bray
Resident Artists Exhibition
June 16–July 31, 2015
Reception: Thursday, June 16, from 6–8 pm
Bray Warehouse Gallery

Featuring work by resident artists:

Eliza Au, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Hannah Lee Cameron, North Carolina
Lily Fein, Newton, Massachusetts
Lauren Gallaspy, Athens, Georgia
Perry Haas, Geneva, Illinois
Claire Hedden, Normal, Illinois
Qwist Joseph, Fort Collins, Colorado
Yoonjee Kwak, Suwon, Korea
Heesoo Lee, Seoul, Korea
Steven Young Lee, Helena, Montana
Iva Milovanovic, Belgrade, Serbia
Richard Nickel, Norfolk, Virginia
Brooks Oliver, Dallas, Texas
Kyungmin Park, Seoul, Korea
Chris Riccardo, Helena, Montana
Melanie Sherman, Trier, Germany
Carly Slade, Edmonton, AB, Canada
Albion Stafford, Normal, Illinois
Michelle Summers, Portland, Oregon
John Souter, Scranton, Pennsylvania
Bill Wilkey, Mascot, Tennessee
Shiyuan Xu, Hangzhou, China


*View a selection of artwork from the exhibition on the Bray’s website at beginning Friday, June 17.

An Auction for the Two Year Anniversary of the Japan Earthquake

Preview is up!

Up for a one day auction is this little beauty of a cup. GlobalGiving, our Handmade For Japan charity, is doubling donations to the Japan fund made within the next day.

March 11th marks the two year anniversary of the Great East Japan
Earthquake and Tsunami that devastated the region north of Tokyo and
claimed upwards of 19,000 lives. While there has been some progress with
infrastructure in the region, there’s still much to be done to rebuild
livelihoods and normalcy, especially for children in Tohoku and those in
Fukushima. The Japanese government has received much deserved criticism
for its slowness to help evacuees and its continued lack of
transparency regarding issues of radiation in Fukushima. GlobalGiving is
funding almost two dozen Japanese organizations dedicated to making the
lives of Tohoku residents better. Some of these charities include leadership training for local youth,
support for orphanages, broadening radiation sensor networks, and connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with local business leaders to stimulate economic recovery at a local level.

This porcelain love bird cup with silver luster will go up for auction on eBay
on Sunday, March 10th at 9pm and end a day later at 9m est on Monday,
March 11th. The bidding will start at its retail value of $160 and 100%
of the proceeds will be donated to GlobalGiving who will match it 200%.

In 2011, I co-founded Handmade For Japan with my friends, Kathryn and Ai, who went on as partners in their new online venture called Studio KotoKoto, which focuses on Japanese and American craft.

*Here’s the link to the auction

*The winning bid will not be tax-deductible but will be matched by GlobalGiving. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation directly online through GlobalGiving’s Japan page.

  Thank you!

movie day: Modern and Contemporary Ceramics Interview with Garth Clark and Mark DelVecchio

Cowan’s is pleased to offer the Cowan’s | Clark | Del Vecchio semi-annual auction on June 1, 2012.

This sale will feature a group of rare, early pieces by Michele Oka
Doner as well as a fine selection of works by the late Ralph Bacerra.
Additionally, the sale will offer important pieces by Georges Jeanclos,
Michael Lucero, David Regan, and Akio Takamori.

More info here.