movie day: Ramen Making by Ayumi Horie


The cooking and making of dragon and Menbachi Bozu ramen bowls by Ayumi Horie.

Special thanks to Ai Kanazawa, Chloe Horie, Janine Grant, and all the educators at the New Works session at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts for their participation, support and advice.

have you heard? Ayumi Horie on The Craft School Experience Podcast

Ayumi Horie is a
potter, maker, and activist living and working in Portland, Maine. She
is also a social media innovator in the craft world and the curator of
the popular Instagram feed Pots In Action (@potsinaction).Recently, as a
recipient of the United States Artist Fellowship, she has turned her attention to learning and including digital and industrial processes in her work.

MUST SEE: The Democratic Cup

What Can Happen Over a Cup of Coffee?

The Democratic Cup is a political fundraiser that aims
to stimulate dialogue, energize individual voices, and raise money for
seven progressive causes. The cups have been collaboratively made by
ceramic artists and illustrators based in the US who want to counteract
the divisive and hateful rhetoric of this year’s presidential election.
The Democratic Cup believes that these cups will act as agents of social
change by generating positive political discourse. On Tuesday,
September 20th, we’ll launch the shop and open up for pre-sales of cups. 

Our Mission

The mission of The Democratic Cup is twofold: raise money for
progressive nonprofit organizations and create a more genuine and
respectful dialogue in American political discourse. A democratic and
familiar object, the coffee cup, will act as a catalyst for social
change and true dialogue.

The Organizers

The Democratic Cup is the brain-child of Ayumi Horie in Maine and Nick Moen
in North Carolina. Makers with an interest in social practice, they
joined forces as a way to make a positive contribution to the political
dialogue in this year’s presidential election. Ayumi has gathered
together 26 of the best ceramic artists and illustrators in the US to
collaborate on cups and Nick is heading up the fabrication team at his
new design production studio, The Bright Angle.

Social Engagement

The Socially Engaged Craft Collective will continue in the long tradition of conversations over coffee by using the cups in a series of public and private acts.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Anna Metcalfe and Janine Grant for their research on this project and Laurie Harris for her photographs from The Bright Angle.



A graphic illustration that speaks to progressive values and opens the door to conversation.


The drawing should be:
-one color
-at least 4″ high and a maximum width of 8″
-300 dpi, preferably larger
-the original art should be drawn to scale, no substitutions if you are chosen

How To Submit

Submissions will only be accepted through Instagram and Facebook.

Deadline: Tuesday, September 27, midnight EST


Voting continues until Tuesday, October 4th, midnight EST. You can vote
for multiple submissions, but not vote more than once per entry. You
need not submit to participate in voting.


Winners will be notified on October 5th. One top winner will be chosen
by popular vote and five with be chosen by The Democratic Cup.


Lewd or inflammatory images will be removed.

Find out more about the project on their website: 

The Cup Collaboration – Exhibition and Online Event


“A handmade cup forever retains the
touch of its maker. The daily ritual of choosing a cup is one that many
of us enjoy. This group exhibition brings together 34  Australian, and
International ‘clay’ sisters and brothers. The participants have been
carefully matched and asked to collaborate to produce two cups together,
and one of their own, for this exciting event.”

Dates – Opening Wednesday October 7th

        6-8pm RSVP 03 9895 8888

        (Exhibition Closes 18th October)


Where – Box Hill Community Art Centre

        470 Station Street (&corner of Combarton St)

        Box Hill 3128

Sales –

        Opening night sales from 6-8pm

        Weekend sales 11am – 4pm

        10,11,17,18 October


Online Store –

        Opening 9am AEST  Thursday October 8th –

        closing October 18th ,12am AEST  




       The Cup Collaboration

Participants –

Ayumi Horie USA & Sophie Moran AUS

Katherine Wheeler AUS & Marina Pribaz AUS

Sandra Bowkett AUS & Janetta Kerr Grant AUS

Kathryn Mitchell IoM & Niharika Hukku AUS

Ana Maria Jensen AUS & Adriana Christianson AUS

Shannon Garson AUS & Vanessa Lucas AUS

Diana Fayt USA & Linda Fahey USA

Carole Epp CAD & Jenna Stanton CAD

Jane Sawyer  AUS & Frida Birkic AUS

Bridget Bodenham AUS & Jo Ruchel AUS

Whitney Smith USA & Erinswindow AUS

Vicki Grima AUS  & Aleida Pullar AUS

Katie Jacobs AUS & Mariko Paterson CAD

Joey Burns AUS & Zak Chalmers AUS

Yen Yen Lo AUS & Vanessa Holle AUS

Susan Frost AUS & Elaine Bradley AUS

Angela Walford AUS & Sue McFarland AUS

For all enquiries, re sales , promotion etc ,

contact –

Adriana Christianson

mobile 0488768137