emerging artist: Mia Riley

“My work
is centered on my relationship to the natural environment. I believe
that what defines the wilderness is what we project upon it; that a
journey into this environment is also a journey within oneself. The
contrast found between using our external experience of solitary natural
settings to stem the discovery of internal meditations has become the
foundation for my recent work. I research ways in which visual elements
of contrast can symbolize dualities that exist within a larger context,
most notably in regards to an individual’s relationship to natural
landscapes. In creating contemplative vessels I seek to evoke opposing
feelings; intimacy and distance, movement and quiet, and roughness and


emerging artist: Cherie Peyton

My name is Cherie Peyton and I live in Sydney, Australia.  I originally
attended evening pottery classes in the early 90s when my sons were
small – I enjoyed it so much I never stopped.  I now teach wheel
throwing and porcelain jewellery evening classes myself for our Local
Community College and love passing on my knowledge and skills to
newcomers.  The kinds of pots I enjoy making are large carved bowls, I
am intrigued by tree roots and branches which have a big influence in my
pots.  Flowers are another favourite of mine and I also love making
porcelain roses and the porcelain jewellery.

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