Throwing, Spraying and ^6 Electric Firing Workshop with Steven Hill

Throwing, Spraying and ^6 Electric Firing
Workshop with Steven Hill
this 3-day workshop, you will learn the spraying and layering
techniques that gives Steven Hill Pottery its’ unique look. You will
work in Steven Hill’s studio, using his glazes and his spray guns and
you will receive coaching directly from Steven…

On the first day, Steven will discuss his philosophy on making pottery,
while throwing, assembling and applying slip to the forms and techniques
that he is well known for. The focus will be on spouts, handles, form,
surface, and the relationship between these elements. Steven will
demonstrate pitchers, bowls, mugs and yunomis.

Day 2 will be glazing day. In the morning Steven will address ways to
achieve the kind of richness and surface variation in electric kilns
that potters have come to associate with reduction / atmospheric firing.
The basic techniques of spraying and the more advanced theories of
layering and blending glazes will be explained and demonstrated. In the
afternoon students will glaze their pots. After pots are glazed we will
load kilns and fire overnight at ^6 – 8 oxidation.

On day 3 there will be technical lectures on spraying techniques,
equipment, firing cycles, and further experimentation. Finally we will
end up by unloading the kilns and discussing the results.

August 5 – 7, 2016, 9:30 – 5:00      Cost: $350 ($290 before May 1)
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323 W. Maple Ave
Independence, MO 64050
(816) 254-7552


Saturday 12 October 10am-3pm
Cost $99
Northcote Pottery Supplies
ceramicist Phil Elson creates fine hand thrown porcelain tableware,
large bowls, teapots and installation pieces. His skill with porcelain
and high fired reduction glazes is renowned. In this masterclass Elson
will demonstrate his philosophy and approach to glazing. You will
develop an understanding of glazes that are used in the cone 9-10 firing
range (approx 1280 to 1300 degrees) fired under a reducing atmosphere.
The workshop will explore topics such as; what constitutes a glaze, the
safe handling of glaze materials and the levels of toxicity in glaze
materials. You will also develop an understanding of Brogniart’s
formula, the making of a number of glazes from a single base glaze and
the process of line blending. Elson will also demonstrate the
application of glaze to bisque ware. This masterclass is a unique
opportunity to gain valuable practical skills in glaze development and
application from a leader in the field. Ideally suited for those with
some experience with clay and glaze.
Northcote Pottery Supplies
142-144 Weston Street
Brunswick East
Victoria 3057
(03) 9387 3911

2012 workshops at Touchstone Center for Crafts

April 26-30 Reinventing Kitsch: Creating Art with Molds Shoji Satake / All Levels / $375 / Extended Weekend Workshop /
May 11-13 Exploring Decal Usage in Sculptural and Functional Ceramics Dan Kuhn / All Levels / $250 / Weekend Workshop / May 17–21 Thrown, Darted and Decorated Jennifer Allen / All Levels / $375 / Extended Weekend Workshop /
May 25-27 Primal Pottery in a Modern World Becky Keck / All Levels / $250 / Weekend Workshop / June 4-6 Expand your Palette: Mid-range Glazes for the Electric Kiln Yoko Sekino-Bove’ / All Levels / $250 / Two Day Workshop /
June 11-15 Wheel-Thrown Pottery Intensive Joe Sendek / Beginner-Intermediate / $495 / Weeklong Workshop / June 18-22 Transitioning from Functional to Sculptural Ceramics Ian Thomas / Intermediate – Advanced / $495 / Weeklong Workshop /
July 9-13 Ceramic Decals in an Atmospheric Kiln Justin Rothshank /Intermediate – Advanced / $495 / Weeklong Workshop /
July 23- July 27 and/or July 30 – August 3 Clay Adornment: Object & Identity Sharif Bey /All Levels / $900 or $495 / Two-Week Workshop or One-Week Workshop /
June 25-29 Finding Creativity in Your Pottery Forms Jerry Wagner / Intermediate – Advanced / $495 / Weeklong Workshop /
August 6-10 Wheel-Thrown Pottery Valda Cox / $495 / All Levels / Weeklong Workshop /
August 13-17 Hand-Building and Surface Decoration Danna Rzecznik / $495 / All Levels / Weeklong Workshop / August 20-24 Tiles and Mosaics Karen Howell / $495 / All Levels / Weeklong Workshop /
August 27-31 Maximizing Naborigama: Creating Work that Gets the Most from Wood Firing Processes Dan Kuhn / Beginner – Intermediate / $495 / Weeklong Workshop / September 21-23 Gas Kiln Construction Dale Huffman /All Levels / $200 / Weekend Workshop / September 28-30 Exploring Raku Joe Sendek / All Levels / $250 / Weekend Workshop /Find more info and register here.
Touchstone Center for Crafts ▪ 1049 Wharton Furnace Rd ▪ Farmington, PA 15437 USA 724.329.1370 ▪ 800.721.0177 ▪ 724.329.1371 (fax)

Upcoming workshops at Santa Fe Clay

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Friday Afternoon Workshops

1:00 – 4:00 pm
Space is Limited. Pre-registration is required

Call to register 505-984-1122
Tuition: $50 per workshop

January 27
Studio Glazing Basics with Birdie Boone

Birdie Boone, SFC’s Studio Manager, leads this short workshop about how to use Santa Fe Clay’s studio glazes for cone 10 reduction. Wax resist? 3 count dip? Glaze tongs? If any of these sound foreign, then you will benefit from this informative workshop. Glazing demonstrations and discussions will be geared toward developing simple, successful glazing practices. Birdie will also provide information about the properties of each studio glaze that will help inform your glazing decisions and improve glaze fired results.

February 3

Tin Foil Saggar Firing with Lee AkinsLee Akins

Tin foil sagger is a low-fire process for achieving a mottled decorative finish. It is similar to pit firing and sagger firing with more predictable results. We will prepare and load our bisque pieces for firing in the gas kiln. Bring 4-5 bisque fired pieces. Applying terra sigillata before bisque helps in color development.
February 10
Speed Coiling with Avra Leodas
Avra Leodas
Come learn quick building methods for making large, asymmetrical, or even double-walled pieces. Coiling can be used in conjunction with other construction methods like slab building, or used on its own to increase scale and create interesting forms.
February 17

Laser Print Decals with Maggie Beyeler

This workshop will demonstrate easy decal application to any glazed surface. Students will learn how to choose images that work well, and how to print these images onto decal paper utilizing a laser printer. Maggie will show how to best to apply decals, how to fire them, plus lots of tips and tricks. Students will need to bring finished, glazed pieces to work with. Flat surfaces work best, such as open bowls, plates or tiles, but any glazed surface can be used.

February 24
Introduction to Electric Kiln with Birdie Boone

This workshop is an introduction to how to load and fire a computerized electric kiln for both bisque and glaze firings. Most kilns come with a manual, but there is a lot more to know than which buttons to push. Birdie will demonstrate and discuss how to load and fire bisqueware and also how to load and fire glazeware for low, mid-range and high fire temperatures. This is a great workshop for anyone who has a kiln in a home studio or for anyone who wants to know more about the process. No actual firings will occur.

The raku workshops are designed to be taken individually or as a series.
Bring 4-5 bisque pieces for each week. Groggy stoneware (Soldate, Laguna Sculpture or Big White) works best.

March 23

Lee AkinsRaku Mini Marathon 1 with Lee Akins
This class will cover the basics of glazing and firing raku.
April 20
Raku Mini-Marathon 2 with Lee Akins
This class will explore slip resist and halo stain.
May 18

Raku Mini-Marathon 3 with Lee Akins
This class will learn about reducing with alcohol for copper matte glazes and spraying iron chloride with horsehair smoking.

April 6

Elements of Design with Cindy Gutierrez

Like words, pots have the ability to communicate; the trick is to understand what we want them to say, and then to figure out how we will have them reveal this. As we create, every design choice we make affects the finished piece. In this workshop we will explore what these choices may be, when to make them, and why. We will touch upon the practice of looking at pots with an eye not only for function, but also toward personal styles and goals. All this in an effort to better understand our process, and to challenge our way of seeing and deciding on what is in this pot.
April 13
Studio Glazing Basics with Birdie Boone

Birdie BooneThis short workshop will address how to use Santa Fe Clay’s studio glazes for cone 10 reduction. Glazing demonstrations and discussions will be geared toward developing simple, successful glazing practices. Birdie will also provide information about the properties of each studio glaze that will help inform your glazing decisions and improve glaze fired results.

WeekendWeekend Workshops
Nathan Craven

Saturday, February 25
9:30 am – 4:30 pm
class description>
FREAKS, GEEKS, MISCREANTS and Kevin SnipesSUPERHEROES: PUTTING A LITTLE ALTER – EGO INTO CLAY Kevin Snipes Saturday & Sunday, March 10 & 11
9:30 am – 4:30 pm class description>
CERAMIC MOLDS for SLUMPING GLASS Shel Neymark Shel Neymark Saturday & Sunday, May 19 & 20 9:30 am – 4:30 pm class description>

545 Camino de la Familia

Santa Fe, NM 87501