Job posting – Clay Studio in Philadelphia

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant position is part time, 18 – 24 hours per week (occasional nights and/or weekends), and primarily serves as an intermediary between The Clay Studio’s many departments and our finance consultants (bookkeeper and controller). Additional duties include assisting the President in managing the office, files, financial processes, and occasional meetings / scheduling. Specific Duties

    • Handling, processing, and coding of all TCS bills and invoices
    • Prep and deliver bank deposits
    • Prep weekly financial information for the bookkeeper
    • Review all sales slips/reports for accuracy
    • Oversee online web charges
    • Assist with prep for annual audit
    • Assist with the monthly bank statements
    • Manage office petty cash
    • Restock and order office supplies
    • Offer miscellaneous administrative assistance
    • Maintain office vacation/holiday schedules – this entails requesting documentation from all staff, including senior – must be comfortable with this responsibility
    • Assist with board meeting and various event preparation
    • Manage the process of digitally archiving documents
    • Report to and Assist TCS President with specific office duties

Key Competencies The Executive Assistant must:

    • Be highly organized with a refined attention to detail
    • Have an ability to anticipate office needs and make recommendations about improving office procedures
    • Strong ability to multitask, prioritize, and manage multiple projects.
    • Be trustworthy and able to handle confidential information
    • Possess a basic understanding of accounting and cash handling procedures
    • Hold basic Mac computer skills
    • Be knowledgeable of Excel and other Microsoft Office programs
    • Be patient and able to communicate effectively
    • Be independent and motivated
    • Possess an excellent work ethic, passion for the arts, and a sense of humor


    • Minimum of a bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 2 years of office administrative experience
    • Salary is $12.00 per hour and will not be eligible for benefits.
    • Must be available to work Mondays and Tuesdays

TO APPLY Please submit a cover letter, resume, and three references to Mallory Wetherell, on or before April 9th, 2012. No phone calls, please. North Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Opening this Friday @ The Clay Studio (and yours truly has some work in the show!)

Matthew Groves, ORANGEMAN, 2009


April 6 through April 29, 2012

Harrison Gallery
Opening Reception, First Friday, April 6, 5-9pm

For many contemporary artists working in clay sculpting representations of the human figure, associations with and references to the figurine are natural. Figurines, diminutive tabletop sculptures, representing man and or beast have lived in almost every home globally, regardless of place, culture or time. Early clay examples date back some 30000 years. Throughout time these figures have represented many things. From fertility icons to religious symbols, common man to Kings, from singular figures to ornate and complex compositions, these intimate sculptures commemorate(d) everyday and heroic acts, modern day folk and pop cultural figures, and historically significant events. Artists participating in Figure/Figurine include Christyl Boger, Jeremy Brooks, Anna Noel, Kensuke Yamada, Carole Epp, Beth Lo, Mathew Groves and Mara Superior. Each of these makers uses the history of the figurine to create works that live comfortably in our contemporary world.137-139 North Second Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106