After posting the other day about my mis-adventures in mold making, Mel of Feffakookan brought the blog Six Hundred Degrees to my attention an in particular this post in which the author Sophie Milne talks about the book The Divided Heart: Art and Motherhood by Rachel Power.

I’m already ordering my copy but just thought all the other mud mommas might like to know about it. Sophie brings up a great point about the place of motherhood in “high art” and it’s an interesting discussion to have. I’ve spoken to many since having my babe who have asked if he has had an impact on my work and without a doubt he has as in every aspect of my life now I feel I have to be more accountable and responsible for what I put out there. But people seem relieved when you say that you aren’t making art directly about motherhood as it gets the old “crafty, hippy, flaky” stamp on it. Seems sad that such an amazingly miraculous process in life has little place in art world.