I’m sure by now you’ve all had a wander over to the Avicam website, and if you haven’t you’re missing out on some great articles on ceramics, beautiful artwork in the gallery pages and lots of opportunity and events information. And today’s artist of the day is the lovely Avi Amesbury herself!

I’ve known Avi’s work for a few years now and even have a couple beautiful little pieces in my collection. Avi is one of those amazing artists who works in arts administration, behind the scenes, doing lots of advocacy work for craft, all the while maintaining an ever evolving, thought provoking and downright beautiful object based studio practice.

This image is of the work that will be in the White Heat exhibition, which is part of the Australian National conference in Sydney this July. Will definitely be a show not to be missed, the line up is fantastic!

Here’s a bit from Avi about the project:

“/Collections /2009

For more than 69 years expeditions to collect and record Australian insects have been in place. In 1926, as a result of the federal government’s /The Science and Industry Research Act, /the Commonwealth Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) was formed. As a result the number of specimens collected by entomologists and those donated from private collections grew by the thousands. Insect collecting trips continued well into the 1990s and the number of specimens being housed in the Australian National Insect Collection (ANIC) grew by the millions.

This current body of work, /Collections /2009, is drawn from photographs taken from visits to the insect collection at the CSIRO, in Canberra and those generously supplied by Dr Steve Shattuck. The series responds to the notion of collections for research.”