Geil DL12F Kiln for Sale

-12 cubic feet of stacking space (stacking area is 36″ high x 24″ x 24″)
-Fiber lined – very economical to fire because of low thermal mass – uses 17 cubic feet of natural gas to fire to cone 10 (about $20 at current rates)
-Will run on propane or natural gas
-Has pressure regulator to adjust gas pressure throughout firing for fine control
-Very compact (kiln is 43″ wide by 50″ deep) – burners are underneath kiln and the integral chimney is at the back of the kiln
-Permanent door mounted on hinges – no need to brick up a door each firing
-Thermocouple and pyrometer
-Collection hood and chimney included – the integral chimney ends at the top of the kiln and vents into the collection hood, then through the hood chimney to exit the building
-18 kiln shelves and many kiln posts included, all in good shape
– Kiln is in Saskatoon, SK

Asking price is $4,000
For more information:
Zane Wilcox (306)653-2656
[email protected]